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Are you looking for a reputable bookmaker where you can pick up an attractive bonus in addition to a large selection of betting markets? Then you have come to the right place! In this review we show you what makes the operator so attractive and how to receive the £10 free bet!

Betdaq Pro and Con
  • Exciting £10 Free Bet Bonus
  • Ample Selection of Markets and Leagues
  • Well-designed Website
  • Licensed by the UK Gaming Commission
  • No live Streaming available

Is Betdaq safe? The Bookmaker was founded in 2000 by Irish entrepreneur Dermot Desmond, known for his connections with Celtic FC. In 2013, Betdaq was purchased by Ladbrokes, and went on to become part of the wider LadbrokesCoral plc group in November 2017.

This Betdaq review will take a closer look at the company and its services. It will assess each area of the company’s offer, award some Betdaq ratings in each section of the article and find the answer to the question “Is Betdaq legit?”.

And now enjoy the Betdaq review and the most comprehensive Betdaq test on the internet!

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First Impression & Registration

A Tasteful, Professional Looking Homepage

The first impression you get as a new customer at Betdaq is that the homepage is very clear, easy to read and well designed. There are no distracting animations or other clutter on the page, and prominent and popular markets are located in the middle section of the page. The colour scheme is a quiet shade of purple, with plenty of white space. On the left, there is a list of markets and sports. You can bring up a full list of sports by clicking on the ‘Sports’ tab on the left side of the page.

On the right side of the homepage, you can find a handy link to the casino section of the site, with some thumbnail images from some of the slots games displayed. Also on the right side of the homepage are useful sporting stats for events taking place that day. Is Betdaq reliable? Is Betdaq legit? From the tasteful and easy-to-use homepage, you would certainly say yes in answer to that question.

It’s Easy to Use the Betdaq Website

It is a simple process to find what you are looking for at the Betdaq website. All sections are clearly labelled, and popular markets are displayed prominently. Tabs across the top of the homepage make the process of navigating around the site even simpler. You can certainly consider Betdaq trustworthy when it comes to using their website.

A Simple Registration Process

The first step in registering for an account at Betdaq is to click the green ‘Join Now’ tab, which is located in the top right corner of the homepage. This brings up a one-page registration form, which requires you to fill in details such as your name, postal address and email address. You will also choose a username and password at this stage. The process is very simple, and does not require a great deal of time or effort on your behalf. Overall, we’re impressed. It’s very similar to registration process in our BetPack review, as well as our Betsafe review.

The Bonus Offer

Claim up to £1000 Cash Back from Betdaq

There is a welcome bonus for new customers at this bookie, though it is not a Betdaq free bet. As Betdaq is a betting exchange, it charges commission on all winnings so that it makes a profit. As a new customer, you can claim all the commission that is charged on your bets during the first month of your time at Betdaq back as cash. The maximum amount that can be claimed for this offer is £1000. The offer is promoted using football, as the cash back offer is intended to tie in with the start of the Premier League season.

There is a promo code which you need to use to claim the bonus. This code is WC2018, which reflects the fact that the offer opened during the 2018 World Cup in Russia. API or RDT customers cannot claim this offer. Once you have claimed the offer, at the end of the month, you should receive your cash back within 72 hours of your claim.

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Get a 20% Winnings Boost on Cascarino’s Game of the Week

There is a range of other promotional offers in place for both new and established customers of the company. You should always remember that Betdaq is a betting exchange, so the way that it works is slightly different to more conventional bookies. Betting exchanges allow customers to place ‘lay’ bets as well as ‘back’ bets, with customers basically betting against each other.

The main bonus in place for customers at Betdaq is a 20% winnings boost on successful bets on a nominated football match each week. The offer is promoted by former Republic of Ireland international footballer Tony Cascarino. You need to use the bonus code ‘TONY’ to claim the bonus, which is paid to you as an extra bet. The maximum bonus amount is £20. The 20% is applied to net winnings, which do not include your stake amount. The extra bets can only be used on football markets. If you do not use your extra bets within seven days of receiving them, then the bonus becomes invalid.

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App & Mobile

App Available for Android and Apple

If you like to bet on the move using your phone or tablet, then there is a Betdaq mobile app available for you to download. The mobile app provides you with a full range of betting services, as well as live streaming, Proform race guides, enhanced specials and games. Both Apple and Android users can download an app. You can download the app from the desktop or mobile sites, or from the App Store. A link is provided where Android users can download it.

Betdaq also provides customers with numbers that they can text to make the download process even simpler. There are numbers available for customers in both the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland can use.

Mobile Site Offers Good Usability

There is also a mobile version of the desktop site available, if for any reason you do not want to download the app. The mobile version of the site is very good. It mimics the features and design of the main desktop site, and offers great functionality and usability. All the markets and other features of the desktop site can be found easily enough on the mobile site.

Helpfully, there is a tab marked ‘mobile’ at the top of the desktop site homepage which provides you with plenty of detail about how the app works, how to download it, and what betting and other services you can access by using the app. This is something that many of Betdaq’s rivals do not provide for their customers, so it adds to the overall rating in this section of the Betdaq review.

Overall, the Betdaq ratings in this category are good. Betdaq offers its customers a very good all-round mobile product, and scores nine out of 10 in this category.

Specials & Extras

A Well-Stocked Casino is Available

There is a casino section at the Betdaq website, which can be easily accessed via a tab located at the top of the homepage. There is a good selection of slots games in the casino, with titles such as Deep Sea Treasure, Batman and Arctic Adventure available to play. You can also play table games such as roulette and blackjack. Sadly, there is no live casino available at Betdaq.

There is, however, a welcome bonus available for new casino customers. This offer entitles each new customer to £30 of extra bets, in return for betting £10. The full terms and conditions for this bonus are available in the casino section of the Betdaq website.

Dull Social Media Offerings Disappoint

You can access Betdaq’s social media channels via the icons located in the bottom right corner of the homepage. The Facebook page has just over 2000 followers, and offers users content based on promoting markets and sporting events. The content offers little in the way of additional interest, and is pretty limited in range. Much of the same content can be found on the Youtube channel. Over on Twitter, where the Betdaq account has over 18000 followers, the same content is featured as that on the Facebook and Youtube pages.

The lack of imaginative and engaging social media content, coupled with the somewhat limited nature of the casino, means that the rating in this section of the Betdaq sportsbook review is six out of 10.

Payments & Limits

A Good Range of Payment Methods is Available at Betdaq

There is a good range of payment methods available for you to use to deposit and withdraw funds from your account at Betdaq. The simplest and most convenient way, of course, is to use your credit or debit card. Betdaq accepts Visa, Mastercard and Visa Electron debit cards for both withdrawals and deposits. Visa and Mastercard credit cards are also accepted, but charges of 1.5% are applied to all deposits made using these methods. Bank transfers and cheques can also be used to deposit funds, but not to withdraw.

If you prefer to use ewallets when you are paying for things online, then you can use Skrill and Neteller to both deposit funds into and withdraw funds from your Betdaq account. No charges are applied to Skrill or Neteller transactions. PayPal is another ewallet which can be used. If you deposit or withdraw funds using PayPal, however, all deposits are subject to a 2% charge.

Credit Card

No Fees Charged on Withdrawals

The methods that can be used to withdraw funds from your Betdaq account are debit cards, credit cards, Skrill, Neteller and Bank Transfer. No fees are charged for withdrawals at all, but the time taken to process each withdrawal does depend on the payment method being used. Withdrawals are subject to security checks, and all take around 24 hours to be processed by Betdaq, in addition to the processing times taken by the individual payment methods. Debit and credit card withdrawals take between two to five working days to complete. Skrill and Neteller transactions usually take 24 hours to process. Bank transfers take between one and five working days.

Overall, you can certainly consider Betdaq trustworthy when it comes paying money into and withdrawing money from your account. The bookie scores a very good nine out of 10 in this category.

Support & VIP

Good Customer Support Options in Place

There are some good contact options in place for you as a customer of Betdaq. The simplest way to contact the bookmaker is to use the Betdaq live chat function. This is staffed seven days a week. From Monday to Friday it is available from 10am until 8pm, on Saturdays from 9am until 8pm, and on Sundays from 10am until 6pm. In addition to being able to use live chat, you can also contact the Betdaq customer service by telephone, with different phone numbers available for customers in the UK, the Republic of Ireland and the rest of the world to use. You can also use email, with an address provided on site. You can also submit a question for the customer support team by using a contact form on the site. The customer service options are therefore very good, and contacting Betdaq when you have a query is a very simple process.

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Trading Tools Offer Additional Value

There is no VIP scheme or similar in operation at Betdaq. While this is something of a shame, there are other features in place at the site which add significant value to their services. One of these is the Trading Tools section of the site, which is accessed via its own tab at the top of the homepage. These trading tools can make the experience of exchange betting much smoother and more accessible, especially for newcomers to the concept of exchange betting.

Licenses & Safety - Is Betdaq safe?

Betdaq Holds Licences in the UK and Gibraltar

Is Betdaq safe and is Betdaq legit?? Betdaq holds a licence from the British Gambling Commission. It is therefore legal for every resident of the UK over the age of 18 to place bets at the site. The licence is pursuant to the licence held by Ladbrokes, as Betdaq is now part of the same group of companies. Betdaq also holds a licence from the Government of Gibraltar, and is regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. If you are unsure about whether these licences cover the country in which you are resident, you should contact Betdaq’s customer services team.

UKGC - UK Gambling Commission

Plenty of Safe Gambling Support Available

There is plenty of support provided by Betdaq for customers who may feel that their gambling is becoming compulsive and destructive, and want to take steps to control it. A tab marked Responsible Gambling is located at the bottom of the site’s homepage. There, you can find further details about how Betdaq looks to keep its customers safe.

You can set your own deposit and stake limits at Betdaq, as well as excluding yourself from the site for a temporary period or permanently. Betdaq also provides links to organisations such as GamCare, who can provide additional advice and support for customers who feel that their gambling is becoming a concern. There is also a set of questions on site which can help you to assess your own patterns of gambling, and consider whether they might be becoming problematic.

Overall, Betdaq scores highly in this category, and we have awarded a score of nine out of 10. The company is unambiguous about which licences it holds, and it also provides plenty of additional support and advice to help keep customers safe from falling into compulsive patterns of gambling.

Betdaq Sports Betting

Betting Markets

Small Range of Sports Offered

The range of sports on offer at Betdaq is not as extensive as the range available at many of their rivals. In total, there are 15 categories of sports on which you can place bets at Betdaq. Football has plenty of markets available, and you can also bet on tennis, cricket and Formula 1. Fans of Irish sport can find markets available for Gaelic sports, and you can also bet on American football and baseball. Intriguingly, markets are offered on rugby league, but not rugby union.

This Betdaq sportsbook review discovered that there is also an extensive section of Betdaq’s website devoted to virtual sports. These are computer-generated sporting events on which you can place bets of different kinds. Virtual horse racing, greyhound racing, football, speedway, cycling and motor racing markets are available. You can place conventional bets or live, in-play bets on the virtual sports at Betdaq.  For a comparison of betting markets, visit our Expekt review.

Try Multiples and Sports Pools at Betdaq

Betdaq is a betting exchange, so it is possible to place lay bets, where you bet against an outcome occurring, as well as ‘back’ bets, where you bet on something happening. You can construct multiple bets as you can at other conventional bookmakers.

Betdaq makes constructing multiples easy by having a separate page for multiple markets, accessed via a tab at the top of the homepage. Also a the top of the homepage is a tab allocated to sports pools, another type of betting which is available here.

Overall, this Betdaq review has awarded a score of seven out of 10 in this category. While there are good betting options in place at Betdaq, the range of sports could be greater, which would have improved the rating somewhat. If you are sports fan from the UK or Ireland with mainstream interests, you should be well served, though.

Betting Odds

Betting Exchange Means Better Odds on Offer

Is Betdaq legit when it comes to betting odds? Betdaq is a betting exchange, so it is possible to obtain better and potentially more lucrative odds than at conventional bookies. At a betting exchange, the customers basically bet against each other, rather than against the bookie. This means that you can bet against events taking place, which is called ‘lay’ betting’. You can also place bets on an event occurring, which is known as a ‘back’ bet.

This is therefore an area where Betdaq has an advantage over many of its rivals. Before you open an account at Betdaq, though, you need to make yourself very familiar with the way that betting exchanges work, as there are fundamental differences between exchanges and other bookies. If you take the time to familiarise yourself with the betting exchange system, it can bring big rewards.

That is why we have awarded a rating of nine out of 10 in this category, as you are sure to find better value odds than are available at conventional bookmakers. It is important to reiterate, though, that you do need to make sure you are fully familiar with how a betting exchange works, or you can find yourself soon getting confused.


The minimum bet you can place on Betdaq is around £2. This is all the information they appear to have in terms of the minimum and maximum betting limits. However, they have a detailed list of what the maximum payouts are for each sporting event that they offer. For example, the maximum payout for football is a staggering £1,000,000. The other sports vary quite significantly, so if you are a fan of a different sport it would be worth your time to check out the rest of the maximum payouts on the site.

Live Betting & Streaming

Solid Range of Live Betting Options Offered

Live betting is available at Betdaq, and can be accessed easily via the ‘In-Play’ tab, which is located on the left side of the homepage. If you click the tab, a full schedule of the day’s sporting events on which live betting is allowed is shown. The main sports covered are football, tennis and cricket, though this may change depending upon what sporting events are taking place on a particular day.

Football matches from across the world have live markets available, with matches from the Malaysian Super League being covered when we sampled the sports on offer. WTA and ATP tennis tournaments were also well covered, as were international cricket matches from across the globe.

You Can Watch Live Streams of Horse Racing at Betdaq

There is some live streaming available at Betdaq. You can watch streams of some horse races. The races which are available for viewing have a purple ‘Live Video’ tab next to them on the site’s schedule of races. Sadly, it does not appear that there are any other sports available for live streaming at Betdaq. Hopefully, Betdaq reviews this situation soon, and acquires the rights to stream a wider range of sports.

Overall, in this category of the Betdaq review, the score is a decent seven out of 10. A greater range of sports and more live streaming options would have improved the score.

Product Summary & Conclusion

Is Betdaq legit? Betdaq is one of the bigger bookmakers you could potentially sign up with. This is evident in their wide range of sports available to bet on , as well as the plethora of betting markets available. Furthermore, the odds are fairly competitive as it is a betting exchange which gives you a better chance of finding more lucrative odds. Overall,  it is the second largest betting exchange for a reason and is absolutely worthy of your time if you are looking for a new bookmaker to bet with.

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Betdaq Review Conclusion - Is Betdaq legit?

Is Betdaq legit? The Operator has reached 80 out of 100 Points

We’ve reached the end of our Betdaq review and tried to find an answer to the questions: “Is Betdaq safe?”, “Is Betdaq legit?”. You can see from the score of 80 out of 100 that we have awarded that we think that it offers customers good value and a solid level of service throughout. Although the range of sports available to bet on is pretty small when compared to many of Betdaq’s rivals, the options are still pretty extensive for fans of sports popular in the UK and Ireland. The website is well designed and simple to use, and the addition of the Trading Tools section of the site helps customers to better enjoy their experience of betting at Betdaq.

A Very Good All-Round Bookmaker

There is also a Betdaq app available for both Android and Apple users, as well as a very good mobile version of the website. This is important these days, when we are in an era where mobile technology has revolutionised the betting industry. Thanks to Betdaq being a betting exchange, it is also possible to obtain good value odds at this bookie, but you must ensure that you fully understand exchange betting before you open an account here. The only really significant weakness that Betdaq possesses is the weakness of its social media channels. The content on social media is pretty dull, repetitive and unimaginative.

Overall, though, Betdaq offers you an excellent service is highly recommended as a bookmaker. Excellent website design, good customer service and good odds mean that its rating is high. For more bookmaker comparisons, visit our Betsson review and Bruce Betting review.

Betdaq Sports Bonus
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  • Great Range of Bonus Offers available
  • Clear and easy to use Homepage
  • Simple Registration Process in Place

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