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Free Tennis Betting Tips, Picks, Odds, Predictions and Tennis Top Bets 2024

Look no further If you’re after some help to be able to make the best tennis predictions. We’ll explain how you can hunt down the best tennis betting tips and apply your own research to land a winning wager.

There are a huge amount of factors to consider when formulating your tennis predictions, so we’ll explain how everything from a player’s form to the playing surface can make a big impact on the success of any tennis betting tips. Read our advice for betting on tennis and scroll down to get the latest betting tips.

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Place Your Bets – Use Our Predictions At Top Tennis Tournaments

Most casual tennis fans will probably just tune in to watch one of the massive tennis tournaments like Wimbledon, but there’s an entire year’s worth of sporting entertainment to look forward to. From the epic Grand Slam events to some of the ATP and WTA matches, you will get plenty of options for making some fun tennis bets. So if you want to make the best tennis predictions, betting on some of these top tournaments could be a great option.

Betting on Grand Slam tennis

There are four Grand Slam tennis tournaments which are considered to be the biggest tennis events in the world. Each year the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open give the world’s best tennis players the chance to earn sporting immortality and take a share of some huge prize funds.

Each Grand Slam event will feature 128 tennis stars, and of these 32 will be the top seeded tennis players in the world. As such, you can enjoy a huge amount of tennis betting options as male players play five-set games and female competitors play three-set games over an intense two-week period.

The Australian Open is usually held at the start of the year in Melbourne that features a hard plexi-cushion court surface. The French Open takes place on the clay surface of the Paris courts in May, which is quickly followed up by the legendary Wimbledon tournament in London each June that features the famous grass courts. Don’t forget the US Open closes the Grand Slam year in August with New York’s hard deco-turf courts giving us another tennis spectacle.

Don’t forget that betting on doubles tennis matches is also hugely popular. Whilst these games may not get the headlines of singles matches, they can be no less lucrative when using some well thought-out tennis predictions.

Key men’s tennis tournaments to bet on

If you want to make the best tennis predictions, betting on the Grand Slam events isn’t the only wagering option at your disposal. This is because the ATP World Tour Masters 1000 gives you plenty more ways for betting on your favourite male tennis stars. The ATP World Tour Masters 1000 consists of nine separate tournaments that are held throughout the year and players must score points throughout these events in the hope of qualifying for the ATP World Tour Finals that traditionally take place in London each November.

The nine tournaments that currently make up the ATP World Tour Masters 1000 include the Canadian Open, the Cincinnati Masters, the Indian Wells Masters, the Italian Open, the Madrid Open, the Miami Open, the Monte-Carlo Masters, the Paris Masters and the Shanghai Masters.

As well as the ATP World Tour Masters 1000, you should be able to find bookmakers who will be offering you odds for the ATP World Tour 500 Series and the ATP World Tour 250 Series that help to provide the points that are critical for the ranking of the best male tennis stars. And don’t forget that the Challenger Tour and even the Futures tournaments can also give you a great place to put down some decent tennis bets.

Take a bet on these women’s tennis tournaments

Many punters actually prefer to bet on women’s tennis, and you only have to look to the formidable skills of stars like Serena Williams, Simona Halep, Caroline Wozniaki and Angelique Kerber to see why. Apart from the Grand Slam women’s betting, you can also enjoy wagering on the WTA Tour that sees over 2,500 female tennis players competing for huge amounts of money. The most recent WTA season featured 54 distinct events, but it’s the Premier WTA matches that get the greatest amount of attention.

The WTA Tour culminates in the WTA Finals that are held in Singapore each October, but before that you get to enjoy betting on premier tournaments in places like Indian Wells, Miami, Madrid, Beijing, Dubai, Rome, Montreal, Cincinnati and Wuhan. And with 32 International tournaments and the WTA 125k Series, there’s plenty to enjoy when wagering on women’s tennis.

How Our Experts Predict Our Top Tennis Betting Tips

There are many places online where you can pick up some reasonably good free betting tips. But we want to make sure that we are as transparent as possible in the reasoning behind our tennis betting advice. After all, we want you to win your tennis bet so that you come back to our site. So here is just a quick look at some of the things that we factor into our tennis betting predictions.

Looking at past form of tennis players

Like all other sports, the past performances of a particular athlete can give us a big clue into how they will perform in the given sporting event. For tennis, there’s a wealth of statistics that we can draw upon in order to formulate a carefully considered tennis prediction. We can look back over how a particular tennis player has performed throughout the season, and see which court conditions have helped them achieve a winning result.

In addition to this, we will always check the head-to-head results of previous matches between the two particular tennis players that you will be wagering on. Obviously, you should always anticipate the fact that anything can happen in a game of tennis, but as we’ll be putting plenty of research into our tennis betting tips, it should hopefully give you a degree of confidence when you next wager on this classic sport.

Examining tournament history

It’s always interesting to see how certain players manage to dominate particular tennis tournaments. This always plays a big part in how we come up with our tennis betting tips, and we will be keen to show you how a player’s past form at certain tournaments could influence how things go down once match day takes place.

Men’s tennis stars like Roger Federer have had a great time at the Wimbledon tennis tournament over the years, whilst Rafael Nadal has dominated the French Open. It will be little surprise to find that Serena Williams has had a stranglehold on the Australian Open, but you only have to look at Naomi Osaka’s US Open win in 2018 to realise that a big upset can always happen in top-level tennis. But on the whole, we think that looking back at a tournament’s past history should always play a big part in how we come up with some of the best tennis betting tips today.

Finding the best tennis betting options

There’s no point in coming up with some decent tennis betting tips if we don’t also point out some great places who you can get some very competitive tennis odds. So we won’t just give you our tennis betting predictions, but we will also point out the bookmakers who have the best odds on the market for each outcome. All of the bookies who are featured will be fully licensed and regulated so that you know that your deposits and personal details are safe and secure, and they will all have a great reputation for customer service so that you can get responsive help in setting up your account and laying down your tennis bets.

By highlighting the best tennis betting odds on the market, you will be able to simply get on with the fun of laying down a winning bet rather than wasting time visiting all of the different sports betting sites that are out there. And just so you know, all of our free sports betting tips and bookmaker recommendations are fully independent so that you can place a bet that’s fair and completely transparent.

Golden Tips for Landing A Tennis Winner

Making tennis bets is easy, but landing a winning result can be much trickier. From Marion Bartoli’s Wimbledon title win of 2013 to Stan Wawrinka’s 2016 US Open victory, there have been all manner of upsets in this fascinating sport. So rather than throwing your betting stake away on a rash tennis wager, we would always recommend that you consider the following betting advice.

Do plenty of your own research

We like to think that our tennis betting tips are pretty water-tight. But rather than blindly following our advice, we would also suggest that you do plenty of research to see all of the different opinions about what could happen in a particular match. By gathering together plenty of different viewpoints and news sources, you will be able to build a decent picture of how things will pan out for your tennis bets. Whilst it’s easy to be swayed by the odds given by a bookmaker, if you are willing to do your homework, then you should be in a better place to spot when any tennis odds might be undervalued.

There are plenty of great resources on the internet for finding out information about your favourite tennis stars. Alongside traditional sports news services, you should also check out places like the ATP World Tour rankings page, as well as the WTA rankings. These will instantly give you the perfect overview as to how the world’s best tennis stars have been performing over the previous year and they are essential places to check in before you put down your next tennis bet. Plus don’t forget to follow your favourite tennis players on their social media accounts so that you can see how their training is going and get the inside scoop on how things could go down on court.

Think about how much you are willing to wager

If you want to enjoy betting on tennis over the long-term, then you are going to have to think carefully about how much you put down in your betting stakes. It’s very easy to get caught up in the excitement and lay down a betting stake that could blow your budget before you’d even gotten properly started. This is why it’s very important to carefully set yourself a betting budget that you can dip into and then build up your profits in a way that can offset the occasional losing result. There’s nothing worse than betting with money that is outside your budget for making some daft mistakes, so make sure that you only gamble responsibly for the best way to enjoy some potentially profitable tennis betting.

Robin Soderling’s win over Rafael Nadal in the 2009 French Open was one of the biggest tennis upsets. Nadal had only lost one match at this tournament in the previous nine years, which shows that anything can happen in tennis.

Understanding a tennis player’s form

Taking a quick look back into how a tennis player has been performing over the past few matches is a great way to see what kind of form they are in. All tennis players have their ups and downs, and by checking how many wins they have had in the last five games, you will understand whether they could help you land a winning bet.

Consider any injury concerns

All tennis players are prone to receiving some nasty knocks and any relevant injuries should always be in the back of your mind when you place a tennis bet. From Novak Djokovic’s recurrent elbow injury to Simona Halep’s recent back complaint, all of these ailments can destroy even the most well formulated betting strategy. So keep an eye on the news to see when these tennis stars are at their best.

Look at head-to-head encounters

It’s always a good idea to have a look at the head-to-head record between the two tennis stars you are wagering on. As the tennis calendar is packed with matches, there’s a good chance that you will be able to look back over a previous match between two players so that you can see how each player is able to take advantage of any weak spots in their opponent’s game.

Read up on any behind-the-scenes gossip

It’s not just on the court where you can get useful information about tennis players. Read all of the relevant news articles about these sporting stars to see how any behind-the-scenes rumours could affect the on-court action. Will Angelique Kerber’s change of coach affect her playing style, or will Andy Murray’s new reconditioning specialist help him overcome his hip injury? All of this can boost your tennis betting knowhow.

Improve Your Prediction Success – Your Tennis Bet Checklist

So if you are ready to bet on tennis, we thought that we would provide you with a few simple steps to follow for the best way to get a winning result when wagering on this classic sport. Whilst this won’t help you land a winning bet each time, we think that it will significantly improve your chances over the long-term.

Research the tennis players you know best

There’s a massive amount of top tennis stars out there, but you stand a much better chance of winning your wager if you narrow the scope of your tennis betting. By focusing your bets on the tennis players you know best, you will quickly be able to see when they are looking in form, or whether they might be going through a difficult spell. Whether you fancy a bookie’s favourite like Karolina Plisvoka or relative outsider like Jack Sock, then by carefully researching the form of a single tennis star, you will get to know when an upcoming tennis match looks like it’s too good to ignore. Be sure to take into account how certain tennis stars seem to perform better on particular court surfaces and make a note of any prior head-to-head encounters and you could be well on your way to landing a successful tennis bet.

Check into Betastic for the best tennis tips

Once you have managed to work out which upcoming tennis match you can best use your sporting expertise on, then you should definitely come to Betastic. We will reveal what our panel of betting experts think could go down on the court, and by giving you our own tennis tips, you will quickly be able to bolster your own prediction. There’s nothing wrong with betting on your gut instinct, but by see what betting advice we are offering, you will be able to get a much broader picture of what could happen when match-day takes place. Don’t forget that all of our tennis betting tips are completely transparent and take in plenty of statistics and past form so that you can be sure that you are getting the fairest and most relevant betting advice.

Find the best tennis bookmakers

Now that you have read our betting tips, then you just need to head to an online bookmaker and place your bets. As part of our tennis betting advice service, we will also point out those bookies who have a good track record for giving you competitive tennis odds, and we will suggest which odds could give you the biggest return on your wager. All of the bookmakers who have been shortlisted at Betastic will have passed our test for being reliable and reputable, so you should be guaranteed a safe bet. Now it’s just a case of considering how much you are willing to stake and then you can place your bets and sit back and watch the action unfold.

Your Quick Guide to Tennis Betting Terminology

Most of us will be able to understand what a basic match winner tennis bet refers to. But what about an outright bet or even a handicap bet? Be sure to read the following guide to some of the most common tennis betting terms so that you can enjoy making the most of what the bookies have to offer.

  • Handicap betting: This kind of bet puts a particular tennis player at a points disadvantage which means that they would have to win by a larger margin in order for you to get a winning bet. This is particularly handy for when you have a formidable tennis star like Roger Federer or Serena Williams taking on a rank outsider as you can benefit from the better odds.
  • Outright bets: These tennis bets are concerned with the overall winner of a particular tennis tournament, rather than a particular match. So you could take an outright bet on the Wimbledon women’s winner, or even the winner of the whole ATP World Tour.
  • Over/under betting: This is a kind of bet where you have to wager on whether a tennis player will win a higher or lower number of games or sets than a number that has been set by the bookmaker. You should usually get plenty of different options for this kind of bet that cover things like total number of games, sets and so on.
  • Set betting: If you want to get better odds than just a match winner bet, then you could always try some set betting. This gives you the chance to predict the winner of the match as well as how many sets will be won by each player.
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