Football Tips: Getting The Best Premier League Betting Tips

The Premier League is arguably the biggest football league in the world and it has a really large betting market. We’re going to show you the best bets to place, how to place them and more.

We’ll analyse what it means to bet on the Premier League and explain some of the key factors that you should be including in your football bets. We’ll show you how to put down your bets, and explain some of the key terminology that you should know before you bet on one of the world’s most popular football leagues.

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The basics of Premier League betting

Alongside the likes of La Liga, Bundesliga and Serie A, the Premier League is quite rightly one of the best football leagues to bet on. Not only do you get to put down bets on legendary teams like Arsenal, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur, but you’ll also get to bet on star players like Mo Salah, Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling.

Because of this, all decent bookmakers will be giving you hundreds of betting options for each Premier League game. You’ll find bets on who will win each match, who will score the first goal, what the correct score will be, and even who will be the Premier League champion at the end of the season.

If you’re new to betting on the Premier League, then you’ll probably look at the league table and base your bets on that. But as there are 38 matches for each team in each season, you’ll be well-served by thinking a little more carefully about how you bet on this league. After all, even top clubs like Liverpool will slip up at least once per Premier League season.

Plus it’s important to think about which bets offer you the greatest value. While it might be more likely to get a winning bet by backing a top team like Arsenal to beat a struggling side like Southampton, you’re probably not going to make too much in the way of profits by doing this. So we can show you how you can find the edge in your Premier League that’ll work in your favour.

This means that we’ll help you identify when a particular Premier League team are punching above their weight. Recently we have seen teams like Wolverhampton Wanderers and even Sheffield United defying the bookmakers by climbing their way up the Premier League table. Conversely, even massive clubs like Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United and Arsenal have struggled with inconsistent form in recent seasons.

So we’ll point out the key things that you should be looking out for in each team so that you’ll be well-placed to stay one step ahead of the bookmakers. Obviously few people are going to be able to predict those once-in-a-generation moments like Leicester City winning the league title, but if you’re serious about Premier League betting, then you’ll need to get a little more methodical about how you bet on this football league.

Evaluating form versus reputation

Part of the reason why so many people around the world follow the Premier League is the fact that it features some truly iconic teams. This has helped to produce the so-called ‘big six’ of English football with Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City, Chelsea and Tottenham routinely hogging the top of the table over the past few years.

By betting on any of these teams, you may have a better chance of success. However, it’s important to remember that each football match comes with its own variables which means that you should never rely too much on a club’s overall reputation. Instead of this, we would recommend that you take the time to look at how each of the competing teams have been performing over the past few matches.

Whether you’re betting on a big club like Chelsea or a relatively smaller side like Burnley, all teams will go through their good spells and bad spells. The key thing is to try and identify when a club is having a good run of form. If you see that a Premier League team have managed to get together a good string of results, then the upturn in confidence will go on to give them a boost when matchday comes around.

Similarly, if you see a big team like Manchester United that are suffering from a lack of form, then they’ll have little in the way of momentum and you might want to see if a smaller club like Brighton could have what it takes to pull off an upset. Just remember that things will tend to flatten out when those big derbies come around.

Getting help with your Premier League bets

While anybody can get lucky with a Premier League bet, there’s truly nothing like researching your predictions. We would always recommend reading around to make sure that you know all of the relevant statistics and rumours to inform your bets.

However, we’d be cautious about going to any tipster sites that charge you money for their Premier League betting tips. After all, there is little way that anybody is really going to know what’s going to happen in any football match. But if you stick with our football betting tips, you’ll gain instant access to all of the most incisive Premier League statistics to base your predictions upon.

What goes into our Premier League betting tips?

It’s fair to say that we put plenty of research into our Premier League betting tips. After all, any football fan could easily just bet on their gut instinct, but we wanted to make sure that our football predictions are much more rigorous than that.

So we devised a strict procedure that we put in place every time that we make our Premier League predictions. This applies to everything from a top-of-the-table clash between Liverpool and Manchester City, to a battle to escape relegation between West Ham and Watford.

By taking a look at what goes into our Premier League tips, you should get plenty of confidence in following our advice. Obviously there’s no such thing as a surefire thing in Premier League betting, but we think that you’ll have more success if you take the time to use our predictions. So here’s a look at the key features of our Premier League betting tips.

Looking at head-to-head statistics

Given that each team plays every other team twice in the Premier League season, you’ll have plenty of handy statistics about how these two clubs play against each other. By looking back over the head-to-head encounters between two sides, you’ll quickly be able to see who has historically had the upper hand in these matches.

This is hugely important in those big grudge matches and local derbies in the Premier League. Classic encounters include Liverpool versus Manchester United, and Tottenham Hotspur versus Arsenal, although even Crystal Palace versus Brighton has been known to throw up plenty of fireworks.

Big matches like this are very important as you’ll commonly find that past form doesn’t tend to influence the overall result as much as if it was a standard game. This is because these grudge matches will be hugely emotive for the players and fans, and all concerned will be trying their hardest to get the desired result.

Plus it’s important to note that certain teams have a truly miserable record when playing against specific Premier League teams. But by looking at the head-to-head records you’ll be well-placed for seeing how likely each team is to get a result falling in the bettor’s favour.

Factoring in home advantage

All Premier League matches will be played on one team’s home ground. This is a hugely important factor that you should always include in your football predictions. The fact that there could be a massive home crowd cheering on the home team could have what it takes to influence that club to give a little extra to produce a winning performance.

Whether it’s Liverpool playing at Anfield, or Sheffield United playing at Bramall Lane, these formidable football stadiums have all helped these sides get an excellent home record. While it’s not the most visually impressive stadium, Burnley’s Turf Moor has also proven to be a tough ground for teams to visit, and you should always factor in home advantage to your Premier League bets.

However, it’s important to note that home advantage can only go so far. If you are a lowly ranked team taking on a top side like Liverpool, then no amount of home support is going to make things easy for you. Plus certain clubs’ stadiums like West Ham’s London Stadium are renowned for their rather soulless atmosphere.

We should also note that many Premier League teams have suffered when they move into expensive new stadiums. Teams like Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal have experienced bizarre dips in form after starting out at their new multi-million pound stadiums, and so it’s clear to see that home advantage doesn’t necessarily equate to the desired result.

Analysing key players

A Premier League club is only as good as each of their players, and you’ll need to factor in how each player has been performing into your bets. This is especially important for any club’s star players. After all, we’ve seen many sides like Crystal Palace relying on the efforts of quality individuals such as Wilfried Zaha, and the side’s fortunes would be greatly affected should these players succumb to injury.

Plus even the best Premier League stars can suffer from dips in form. Whether it’s a striker having a bizarre goalscoring drought or a midfielder having a lack of confidence, it can all play a big part in the success of your football bets.

Key ingredients for successful Premier League betting

Each Premier League match will have a massive amount of variables that should be factored in before you put your money down. We will endeavour to provide you with all of the information you need to put down a promising football bet. But here are just a few things that you might want to consider when betting on Premier League football.

Planning in advance

We would always recommend that you plan your bets well in advance of the game in question. After all, there’s nothing worse than making a snap decision on a football bet for it all to backfire and you lose your betting stake. This is why experienced betting fans will always plan their Premier League bets days, weeks or even months ahead of the big game.

This is because you will always need to have adequate time to research all of the teams and players. Plus you will want to familiarise yourself with the different betting markets that might be available on a bookmaker’s site when you eventually want to put your money down.

It’s also worth noting that the odds for the Premier League match will constantly be changing in the run-up to the game. Anything from a lapse in form to an injury to a key player could significantly impact the betting odds. This might not seem like much but it could make the difference between you making a modest profit and a massive one.

Such things get even more important when it comes to putting an outright bet down on the Premier League winner. After all, we’ve all heard the stories of those lucky punters who bet on odds of 5000/1 for Leicester City to win the Premier League title in 2015/16.

Betting throughout the Premier League season

While the Premier League is always guaranteed to produce some quality football, we have noticed that things always seem to get a little more interesting whenever springtime comes around. This is because this period follows on from a hectic winter schedule, and many teams will be feeling the effects of injuries picked up during this time.

Recently we have seen Premier League clubs like Tottenham Hotspur and Newcastle United having their squads devastated by injuries picked up during the winter months. Such injuries can obviously have a massive impact on how these teams play during the remainder of the season.

It’s also worth noting that spring follows on from the winter transfer window when many teams will attempt to boost their depleted ranks by picking up some quick big name signings. Such a moment can have a transformative effect on a team’s fortunes. For example, Manchester United’s 2019/20 season looked dead and buried until they snapped up Bruno Fernandes during the winter transfer period.

But things get truly fascinating towards the end of the Premier League season. While there are always a handful of those ‘dead rubber’ matches, you’ll get to bet on hot-blooded battles for European football places, or gripping competitions to avoid the drop in the concluding stages of the season. All of which adds up to some quality Premier League betting entertainment.

Understanding a team’s form

There are few better ways to get a winning football bet than by looking at a team’s recent form. This is because there’s nothing like a good string of winning results to give even the most unlikely team the momentum to get more wins. Such things can work in reverse too, and we’ve seen many massive teams like Everton struggle to get themselves out of a rut after a series of losing results.

Making a note of absent players

Even the biggest Premier League club can look much less formidable with the absence of star players. Whether it’s Tottenham having to go without Harry Kane or Manchester United making do without Marcus Rashford, such absences can play a big part in what happens on the pitch.

As a result, you will need to stay updated with all of the latest injury news, and try and get your bets down before the bookmakers change their odds in regards to the new situation. The same applies for any players who have been suspended through picking up too many red and yellow cards.

The best clubs will always have enough strength in depth in their squads to survive the occasional injury scare to top players. But as injuries begin to rack up, you’ll see how even the best teams will start to look much more vulnerable.

Plus we should mention the fact that any player who’s subject to intense transfer speculation could produce some uncharacteristic performances on the pitch. Recently we’ve seen this affect the playing styles of Christian Eriksen and Paul Pogba, so be sure you stay up to date with the latest transfer news.

Using statistics to your advantage

All football fans love a good statistic. Whether it’s telling you the last time that Newcastle won away at Arsenal, or the last time that Robert Firmino scored at Anfield, such information is not only interesting, but it could be used to guide your bets.

The trick is to pay attention to only the most relevant statistics, and even then, know that just about anything could happen in a Premier League match. By doing so, you’ll be able to put down a well-informed bet that has a good statistical base.

Basic steps for betting on Premier League matches

While there’s an endless range of Premier League games to bet on, you should always try and follow the same standard approach to betting on these football matches. This means that you won’t just be betting on your favourite team, but will be thinking more analytically about how you bet on the beautiful game.

To help you out, we’ve made this quick checklist of the key things that you should be asking yourself before you put down your football bets. So here’s a brief look at how you should go about betting on Premier League football.

Step 1: Which Premier League match should I bet on?

All football fans will have their own favourite teams, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should bet blindly on this club winning their matches. We’d always recommend looking at all of the Premier League matches taking place over a weekend, and then seeking out the best value betting options.

For example, you might be a Liverpool fan and want to bet on them to beat a struggling Premier League team like West Ham. But by doing so, you’ll probably get little in return for your bets. However, if you saw a tight game between Wolves and Leicester City happening on the same day, then you might be able to find better value odds.

Obviously, you should have a good working knowledge of all of the teams in question. But the basic rule is to find those bets that give you the best value.

Step 2: What are the most relevant football statistics?

Once you’ve found a tempting Premier League match, you’ll want to do plenty of research into all of the teams and players. There should be a wealth of information about all of the relevant clubs online, and you’ll be well-placed by seeing how each team has been performing over their past five matches.

We’d also recommend researching things like how many clean sheets each team has had, as well as the goalscoring record of each side’s strikers. By doing all of this, you should find yourself with a good idea of how each team could take advantage of the other club’s weaknesses.

Obviously there’s more to football than just statistics, and so we’d also suggest that you investigate any juicy news stories about what’s going on behind the scenes. Whether it’s the antics of a want-away defender or just a manager who’s about to get the axe, it can all have a big role in how the football match pans out.

Step 3: What are the best Premier League odds?

By doing all of your research, you should be in a good place to make your predictions for the overall match result. Now it’s just a matter of looking around to see which betting sites have the best value odds for your Premier League bets. Don’t forget to see if the bookmaker has any interesting betting markets that could offer you greater value than just putting down a basic match-winner bet. By doing so, you should be well-placed to bet on the Premier League successfully, and even pick up some decent winnings in the process.

Important Premier League betting terms

When you bet on the Premier League, the chances are that you’ll probably be betting on the overall-match winner. However, the longer you spend betting on this football league, the greater the chances are that you might want to explore some alternative betting options. So here are some of the most interesting betting markets for Premier League football on offer at all good bookmaker sites.

Handicap betting: Want to bet on Liverpool but can’t get any decent odds? Then try some handicap betting. This can put a favourite at a points disadvantage, or an underdog at a points advantage. It’s a great way of getting better odds when backing a favourite or getting more wins when backing the underdog. The favourite would have to win by more goals for you to win your bet, but you’d be in line for getting much better profits as a result.
Over-under betting: All football fans will appreciate a good over/under bet. Common examples of this include betting on whether a team will score more or less goals than a number set out by the bookmaker. But you might also see over/under bets for things like how many corners a team will get and much more.
Double chance betting: This is a good option for those Premier League matches that are just too close to call. Rather than betting on a team to win, you could take a double chance bet instead. This would mean backing the home team to win or draw, or the away team to win or draw.

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