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Online Gambling Sites US / Gambino Slots USA Reviews, Ratings, Bonuses 2024: Get 200 Free Spins & 100k Gold Coins

Gambino Slots USA Reviews, Ratings, Bonuses 2024: Get 200 Free Spins & 100k Gold Coins

Latest Gambino Slots Sign-Up Bonus

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Gambino Slots is a fantastic social casino that provides players with over 100 games to enjoy across its online and mobile platform risk-free. Below, we take a closer look at the additional features that help separate it from the competition.

In our latest Gambino Slots additional content guide, you can expect to find everything you need to know about the functionality of Gambino Slots, how to get in contact with the customer support, how secure your online experience is likely to be, and plenty of insider insight on the coins and games available to you.

Gambino Slots: Pros & Cons
  • Credible payment methods utilized
  • Seamless registration process
  • Responsive customer support
$55 Stake Cash + 260K Gold Coins + 5% Rakeback
Welcome Bonus
T&Cs apply, 18+
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Company Spiral Interactive
Headquarter BAR-LEV BAR-LEV, 2015600 Israel
Year of Founding 2015
CEO Matti Zinder
Available Languages English
Customer Support Email Support
Email -
Phone -
Verified by -
Payment Methods
American Express
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Bonus offers: on demand

We’ve come to find that the new online casinos in the US, as well as those established sites, tend to offer a range of exciting promotions. These bonuses come in the form of virtual credits which enable you to play your favorite games. There are a variety of different promotions offered by these platforms; from deposit bonuses to daily free spins and fun online contests.

Gambino Slots offers a multitude of G-Coins (their form of virtual credits) when you sign up. So much so that you’ll actually receive 100,000 G-Coins when you create an account with the platform! Plus, you’ll also be in line to claim 200 free spins credited to your account over the span of 10 days (20 spins per day). Sounds too good to be true? Well, let’s take a closer look!

How to use the Gambino Slots bonus

First things first – we’re going to outline how you can sign up so that you don’t miss out on the offer at hand. Right from the get-go, we can tell you that you won’t require a Gambino Slots promo code.

  1. Head to the official Gambino Slots site and click on the unmissable ‘Play Now’ tab located dead-center of your screen. Agree to the terms and conditions of the platform and continue on your merry way!
  2. Sign up using one of the three different options at your disposal – Facebook, email, or your Google account. We recommend using Facebook as this will ensure that you receive your 100,000 G-Coins.
  3. Once you have completed the sign up process, you’ll be up and running in no time   at all.

With a valid account, you’ll quickly come to find that your 100,000 G-Coins have been added to your account automatically. We told you, no Gambino Slots bonus code required! Don’t forget about your 200 free spins either. Collect these and you will have 20 free spins to use every day for ten consecutive days.

The ease at which you can claim this offer, without even using a Gambino Slots promo code, speaks to the social casino itself. Gambino Slots has made sure that you are welcomed with open arms and continuously provided with the opportunity to claim G-Coins – enabling you to always play your favorite slots.

Top 5 expert tips to take advantage of the Gambino Slots bonus offer in 2024

We’re always looking at ways in which we can help you make the most of the top bonuses online. Our expert tips will allow you to hit the ground running without any doubts plaguing your experience.

Make sure you sign up in full

It is vital that you sign up properly in order to claim your 100,00 G-Coins and 200 free spins. Signing up takes less than a couple of minutes. In actual fact, we bet you could do it in less than one. You don’t need to provide Gambino Slots with all of your personal details as you would a real money casino. If you link your Facebook account, you’ll receive your coins straight away.

Enter into contests

There are a number of exciting contests that you can make the most of on the platform. If you find yourself on the homepage, then you can click on the trophy icon which has the word ‘Contests’ underneath it. You’ll find a list of available contests that you can enter into. Play the slot games included within the contest to rack up points which contribute to your standing on the leaderboard. You’ll then be in line to claim exciting bonuses and prizes.

Always keep an eye on free spins and coins

There are a number of different promotions being run on the site. It is vital that you keep a close eye on proceedings and pounce on any free offers that you might be eligible for. This includes being able to use your daily free spin as well as hourly giveaways on the platform. There is so much that you can take advantage of that we suggest logging in regularly so that you don’t miss out!

Read the terms and conditions

It is always advisable that you read the terms and conditions of the bonus offer that you are looking to claim. The latest Gambino Slots bonus can be claimed easily but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your due diligence. Set aside some time to quickly run through the terms of the offer so that you are in a position to really make the most of it.

Don’t wager all your G-Coins in one sitting

You’ll receive your 100,000 G-Coins without delay. We urge you to take it slow while finding your feet. It’s really easy to lose yourself in the hype and find yourself wagering a huge portion of your funds right off the bat. This might even mean that you end up with no coins left to continue playing with. You’ll then need to wait until you can activate a free spin or hourly coin offering. It’s best to wager smaller amounts and keep track of your ‘bankroll’.

Frequently asked questions about the Gambino Slots welcome package

It is possible that some confusion remains when it comes to claiming, or using, the Gambino Slots bonus offer. As in our RushGames review, we’ve included an informative Q&A section which should nail down the finer points of this offer! With Betastic, you’ll always be at the forefront of the latest social casino offers.

Do I need to use a Gambino Slots bonus code?

There is no need for you to use any sort of bonus code while claiming the latest offer from Gambino Slots. All that you need to do is make sure that you sign up and link your Facebook account. Once you’ve done this, your G-Coins will be credited to you automatically!

Do my bonus G-Coins expire?

No, your G-Coins will not expire. You can keep playing with your 100,000 G-Coins well into the future. Bear in mind that, although it seems like a lot of coins, it’s rather easy to deplete your balance when playing your favorite slots – especially if things don’t go your way. Fortunately, you can keep topping up your balance with a number of promotions.

Must I make an actual deposit to claim the Gambino Slots offer?

You will not need to make any type of actual deposit in order to claim the latest welcome package. This includes the G-Coins as well as the actual free spins that are offered to you.

What slot games can I play with my G-Coins?

At first, you’ll be able to play Big 5 Africa and Egyptian Sands. You’ll come to realize that more slots will be unlocked once you move up levels. There are plenty of dazzling slot titles for you to unlock so keep at it as best you can!

Can I purchase additional coins?

Yes, much like in our review, you’ll note that you can purchase additional coins on the platform. There are various packages which you can choose from. You can read our latest Gambino Slots review to find out more about the payment methods and packages which are included on the site. Bear in mind that you needn’t actually buy coins as there are so many ways you can boost your funds!

Gambino Slots Social Casino

Bonus intro

The latest offer on the table from Gambino Slots includes an eye-watering 100,000 G-Coins as well as 200 free spins. As we’ve outlined throughout this review, the 200 free spins will be credited in batches of 20 over the course of ten days. So, don’t be too surprised if you only receive 20 on the first day of using the Gambino Slots platform!

The actual offer can be viewed as a no deposit welcome bonus – in line with all social casino deals. There are a number of things to take into account regardless of how easy it is to pick up the deal initially. We’ve run through these terms in more detail below.

Reality test

If you’ve played with real money casinos before, then you’ll be all too familiar with extensive wagering requirements. When it comes to social casinos, you needn’t concern yourself with hard-to-beat requirements. In actual fact, your credits can be wagered as you please with Gambino Slots. All that you really need to take into account is the minimum and maximum bets that the respective slot game allows.

Bonus withdrawal

The latest offer, without any need for a Gambino Slots bonus code, will need to be wagered on the social casino slot games that are on offer. You cannot withdraw your bonus nor will you be able to withdraw any winnings generated from your G-Coins. As you might already know, it’s not possible to withdraw your virtual credits as they have no real monetary value. Your winnings simply boost your account balance so that you can keep playing until kingdom come.

Pitfalls and what to avoid when claiming the bonus

Well, one thing is for sure, and that’s that you needn’t worry about a promo code or using the wrong payment method when claiming your bonus. The seamless nature of the Gambino Slots platform – and bonus offer – means that you probably won’t encounter any real issues. It is important to accept the terms of the platform and make sure that your account is linked up.

We also urge you to always make sure that you click on the ‘collect’ tab whenever you win coins. If you don’t click on it, you’ll miss out on those particular winnings. Double-check before you proceed so that you always pick up your much-deserved G-Coins.

Verdict on the bonus

The enticing G-Coins bonus offer is a fantastic package that you can claim as a new customer. Take it from us, this platform aims to provide you with an unrivaled social gaming experience. You’ll be able to bask in a raft of G-Coins as it’s possible to pick up promotions all the time. The welcome bonus puts you on equal footing and provides you with enough virtual coins to familiarize yourself with the platform. We certainly recommend checking it out if you are serious about having a good time with one of the best social casinos in the US.
$55 Stake Cash + 260K Gold Coins + 5% Rakeback
Welcome Bonus
T&Cs apply, 18+
Get Bonus

Usability, Look & Feel: Keeping things nice and simple

In this first section of our Gambino Slots additional content guide, we focus heavily on a couple of attributes of the platform that often get overlooked – functionality and design.

Firstly, there are currently four ways that players can sign themselves up, making Gambino Slots accessible to just about any online user above the legal age. Currently, you can download the app from the Play, Apple, or Microsoft Store, and online through visiting the Gambino Slots Facebook page, too. The process is extremely straightforward, requiring players to link their Facebook accounts, register using an email, or enter as a guest.

Once registered, players will be met with vibrant pinks, golds, and purples, welcoming them onto the site. The use of these colors allows for important areas of the site to be located easily and ensures a seamless transition between the lobby, account section, games, and more.

Payments: Credible options and a huge first-time bonus on offer

One of the biggest appeals about using a social casino is that no real-money deposits need to be made, in order to have a good time. When signing up, players are presented with 100,000 G-Coins and can add to this tally considerably when making use of further ongoing bonuses and promotions.

American Express

Should you be unfortunate enough to reach zero coins at any point in your Gambino Slots journey, you can always top-up using real-money or wait for further bonuses to become available. Should you opt to make a real-money purchase, you can make use of a 300% first-purchase bonus on any G-Coins package you look to buy. At the time of writing, players can make purchases from as little as $0.99, or as much as $49.99, using debit cards, credit cards, or PayPal. Please note, as Gambino Slots is a social casino, withdrawals cannot be made.

Customer Service: As expected

Due to the very nature of social casinos, the number of ways to get in contact are far fewer than that found across real-money online casinos. If you do encounter a problem when using the Gambino Slots platform, you can always head to the cog in the top right-hand corner and select support. Here, you will soon be presented with an on-site form. Input all the relevant details, describe your issue, click submit, and wait for the incredibly responsive team to get back to you.

We should also mention that you need to keep an eye on your Gambino Slots inbox – you may just find some interesting perks and promotions to help boost your online experience!

License & Security: All is safe and sound at Gambino Slots

Due to the laws surrounding social casinos, the focus in this particular Gambino Slots guide is predominantly on security. Player safety is evidently a focus at Gambino Slots and can be witnessed as early as the registration process. When linking your Facebook account or inputting your email address, you will be met with a notice explaining the latest updates to the privacy policy, how your data is used, and what data will be collected. If you agree, you can make your way on-site and begin entering your personal details.

Obviously, the Gambino Slots Facebook app is powered by Facebook, meaning you will encounter the same top-level security features found on Facebook itself. You will also be able to review the privacy policy and terms and conditions of Gambino Slots at any point, located at the bottom left-hand side of the screen. As discussed in the payments section above, Gambino Slots also allows for deposits to be made on-site, these deposits are all backed by the latest encryption technology and all transactions can easily be traced.

Additional rewards and loyalty programs - feel like a true VIP with Gambino Slots

Gambino Slots has made a real point of creating an all-immersive online social casino platform. This includes a greatly-rewarding VIP experience for existing players. If you intend on sticking around for a while, then you’ll benefit from a range of fantastic promotions.

  • Hourly top-up: You can claim additional G-Coins every hour by clicking on the G-Reels tab at the bottom of your screen Once the timer has hit 0, you’ll be able to click on the tab and your account will be credited with a number of coins. You can do this every single hour of the day.
  • Daily free spins: You can spin the G-Wheelz every single day when you log into your account. You’ll get one free spin every day and this allows you to throw your hat in the ring for thousands of more G-Coins. Plus, it’ll contribute to your loyalty status.
  • Actual VIP experience: The loyalty program consists of nine different tiers with awesome bonuses and personalized promotions on offer. All that you need to do is keep playing and you’ll find yourself moving up through the tiers. The higher your status, the bigger and better the bonuses become.
Gambino Slots Social Casino


Regardless of how you look to load up Gambino Slots, over 100 great gaming titles will be ready and waiting for you to play or unlock. Navigating through the games is as simple as clicking a directional button and the gameplay, themes, and sounds are just as impressive as those found across real-money online casinos.

The same great functionality detailed earlier in our review can be found once the games have loaded, too. We found that the Total Bet, Max Bet, and Spin buttons were always located in the same spot, making it fairly easy to wrap your head around. Personal standouts for us here at Betastic included Egyptian Sands and American Eagle (unlocked when reaching Level 7 of the VIP program).


Things are kept nice and simple at Gambino Slots when looking at the coins used. As Gambino Slots is a social casino, there is no need to differentiate between coins that can be used on-site and those that can be withdrawn for a real cash value. 

The coins found at Gambino Slots are referred to as G-Coins and can be used across every title found online or across the dedicated mobile apps. You begin your Gambino Slots journey with 100,000 G-Coins; however, various ongoing bonuses will help to keep you topped up – even if your luck doesn’t seem to be in!

Product Summary & Conclusion

For any of our readers who are after an immersive experience that mimics real-money casino quality without the risk, then there is no doubt that Gambino Slots is for you. Being presented with 100,000 G-coins just for signing up is a great touch, meaning you can focus your efforts on the important things, like finding your preferred gaming titles! Over time, you’ll find that more and more titles are unlocked, too, meaning you’ll never be short of fun, new experiences at Gambino Slots!
$55 Stake Cash + 260K Gold Coins + 5% Rakeback
Welcome Bonus
T&Cs apply, 18+
Get Bonus

Gambino Slots review FAQs

🎁What is the latest Gambino Slots bonus offer?

There are plenty of US online casinos offering social gaming that have great bonuses available. All that you need to do is make sure that you find the best social casino bonus for you. This can be done by reading our latest reviews right here at We’ve covered all the very best offers currently being promoted across the US.

🔎Do I need a Gambino Slots promo code?

Promo codes are used on a regular basis for the latest social casino bonuses. With a valid promo code, you’ll be able to activate a bonus so that you can play exciting social games on your chosen casino site. All that you need to do is make sure that you input the code once you have signed up with the platform at hand. Read our latest coverage of the Gambino slots bonus to find out all you need to know.

💯Is Gambino Slots a reliable social casino site?

Social casinos offer you the chance to enjoy a range of games without having to part with any real money funds. All that you need to do is make sure that you find the right platform. Our latest reviews, such as the Hard Rock Social Casino review, will set the record straight as to which social casinos are legit and offer you great bonuses and additional promotions.

🔖What are the Gambino Slots USA bonus requirements?

Bonuses will have various requirements that you need to keep in mind while using the offer. These requirements, especially from social casino sites, won’t prove to be unreasonable. It is, however, still vital that you stick to the terms and conditions so that you can make the most of your gaming experience. Check out our review of the very promising Gambino Slots bonus code so that all of your bases are covered.

💯 How do I contact Gambino Slots customer support?

Although Gambino Slots is a social casino, issues can still occur. Thankfully, as you’ll find in our latest Gambino Slots additional content guide, the support received was always helpful and timely. 

🌟 Where can I play Gambino Slots?

The team at Gambino Slots have made sure that players of all preferences can enjoy the great gaming availability of Gambino Slots. In our latest Gambino Slots additional content guide, you can find out exactly how to register, including whether you can find the social casino in the Play, Apple, and Microsoft stores!  

🃏 What games can I play at Gambino Slot?

As Gambino Slots is a social casino, it is important to note that no real-money winnings can be made across the casino; however, that does not dent the overall gaming experience. Currently, Gambino Slots provides players with over 100 great games, you can find your favorite in our latest review. 

Conclusion: All boxes ticked

Very rarely do we come to the end of a review, comparison, or guide, with zero negatives to note. However, as you can see from the above, the security, support, and functionality found across the Gambino Slots platform is a cut above the rest. If you are hoping to enjoy some risk-free wagering backed by a safe, secure, and supportive team, then there is no doubt that Gambino Slots is the choice for you. Social Casino
Rating Social Casino Bonus
$55 Stake Cash + 260K Gold Coins + 5% Rakeback
T&Cs apply, 18+
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5 Sweeps Coins + 250 Game Coins + 600 Diamonds
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1.75 million WOW Coins + 35 Free Sweepstake Coins
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