Best Venmo Online Casinos in US 2022

You’re here looking for an online casino Venmo users can play at, and as always, we’re here to help! There’s more to using an online casino with Venmo than you might suppose, so make sure you read our complete article.

It’s tricky to source any U.S. online casinos that accept Venmo payments directly, but we’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to know about. So without further ado, let’s dive into the ins and outs of using this innovative peer-to-peer payment system to fund an online casino gambling session.

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Making an online casino deposit using Venmo

Before you start looking for an online casino Venmo account holders can use, it’s important to understand a little bit about the US gambling laws. Aside from a few states that permit online casinos to operate, most of the operators allowing US residents to sign up are based offshore. And that’s where the problem lies, as Venmo operates exclusively within the US.

What that means is that the only U.S. online casinos that accept Venmo deposits and withdrawals directly are all based in states that allow online gambling operators to set up shop. And at these casinos you’ll find you can use your Venmo account just as you would at any of the online casinos that accept PayPal deposits. Simply look for the Venmo logo, decide how much to deposit and transfer the funds across to your player account.

But for the majority of US residents, paying directly by Venmo simply isn’t an option. The offshore casino operators would love to be able to process Venmo payments, but unfortunately that’s not yet the case. But all isn’t lost, and there are a couple of easy workarounds that allow you to use your Venmo funds to power your casino gaming. Get ready to learn all about Player Transfers and casino vouchers!

Using Venmo to buy Player Transfers

Venmo is designed to be a fast, accessible and fun way of transferring money using mobiles. It’s created to appeal to people who enjoy using social media channels, so it’s connected to a messaging system, complete with as many emojis as you could wish for. But as we’ve mentioned, it can only be used within the US, so it’s a problem when your preferred online casino is based offshore.

But don’t worry, there’s an easy workaround, so you can quickly and easily fund your gambling using Venmo.

Player transfers are bought and sold between members of online casinos, so long as the operator permits them. You buy the virtual tokens from another player, transferring the cost directly to their cell phone. Then the equivalent funds are transferred to your player account, leaving you able to start playing your favourite games.

When you’re ready to withdraw your funds, just trade them on Venmo with other players. You’ll get your cash transferred straight to your Venmo account, while the other person is now ready to start their Venmo online casino journey. Of course, it makes good sense to undertake a bit of research first, to make sure the person you’re trading with is genuine, but that needn’t be a lengthy process. There are even QR codes to make the transfer of funds quicker and easier.

Using Venmo to purchase Gambling Vouchers

Gambling vouchers can be found at most U.S. online casinos that accept Venmo transactions, and can easily be found across social media platforms. So if you can’t find an online casino with Venmo transaction options allowing you to make direct deposits and withdrawals, purchasing vouchers is a great alternative.

There aren’t too many online casino Venmo deposits currently available to the majority of US casino players, but until the situation changes, the use of Gambling Vouchers and Player Transfers is a useful way of using the platform to fund your player account.

How long do online casino Venmo payments take to process?

Most online casino Venmo transactions are almost instant, thanks to the solid infrastructure behind the platform. But the same isn’t necessarily true of all online casino operators, so we always recommend checking out their banking timeframes before making your first deposit.

And as we’ve seen, not every online casino Venmo transaction takes place quite as seamlessly, so you may have to factor in extra time to allow for the purchase of vouchers or player transfers. If lightning fast withdrawals are particularly important to you, you’re probably better off using more traditional options, such as hunting out the online casinos that accept credit card withdrawals, or perhaps a Visa online casino might be more to your liking.

If you decide you’d like to play at one of the U.S. online casinos that accept Venmo deposits, just check out the top operators listed on this page. Head for the Banking or Cashier pages to discover how long the operator takes to action deposits and withdrawals – because sometimes a lengthy wait isn’t just down to your preferred banking method. And be aware that many casinos require you to withdraw funds by the same means in which you made your deposit.

If you feel that a deposit or withdrawal at an online casino with Venmo is taking too long, be sure to reach out to the customer support team. They’ll be able to tell you whether the problem is due to their own systems, or whether you might need to get in touch with customer support at Venmo for further assistance.

Verification requirements for Venmo

Before you can start gambling using Venmo, you first need to sign up to an account. This is one of the quickest and easiest digital wallet payment systems that it’s possible to sign up for, and there are no lengthy and frustrating registration processes to complete.

All you need before you can start wagering at an online casino Venmo authorise transactions with, is a Venmo account linked to your cell. And it’s an incredibly simple process.

Download the Venmo app

Dedicated Venmo apps are available for Android and iOS phones, but there isn’t currently an option for Windows phone users.

Create a password

Venmo account holders are required to create a secure and unique password of between 8 – 32 characters. Don’t write this information down, or tell it to anyone.

Verify the account

A one-off code will be sent to your cell, and you’ll have to input it when prompted to prove that you’re the account holder. Note that transactions over a certain sum will require further verification checks in the form of the account holders Social Security Number.

Venmo accounts are funded by a bank account or debit card, with the details safely stored away from any third parties. And now it’s easy to transfer money to anyone with a Venmo account, with just a tap and a swipe!

The history of Venmo

The two main creators of Venmo met in 2001 when they were roommates at the University of Pennsylvania. Iqram Magdon-Ismail and Andrew Kortina both started out as computer science freshmen, teaming up at the end of their studies to build websites together. Then they branched into working for other companies, in an attempt to improve their knowledge and understanding of the business world.

When a friend of theirs decided to open a yogurt shop, the two postgraduates decided to put their heads together to come up with a new way of processing payments. Within a short space of time they’d come up with some bespoke software that was capable of making any laptop operate as a cash register. The only add-on required was a $50 USB magnetic swiper, making this a smart and cost-effective solution for the problem they’d  been asked to deal with.

They were very nearly sidetracked by the idea of creating a music subscription platform, which was going to be called Venmo. The first part of the name relates to the Latin word ‘vendere’, which means ‘to sell’, whilst the ‘mo’ is short for ‘mobile’. They were working away from home at the time, and when Iqram realised he’d left his wallet at home, and needed to borrow a check from Andrew, it was a lightbulb moment. Everything else seemed to be shifting to a mobile-first ethos, so why not payments too? And so the Venmo peer-to-peer payment platform was born!

New features

Capitalising on the instant messaging feature offered by mobiles, the two entrepreneurs decided to include an inbuilt messaging system, which allowed explanations and descriptions about the payments. New features were soon added as the platform grew in popularity, making Venmo even more fun and intuitive to use. Emojis and calculators allowed users to express their feelings too, as well as being able to split bills between groups of friends with the minimum of fuss.

Having initially launched in 2009, Venmo grew steadily in popularity over the following years, although its verification protocols were fairly basic. But once the company came under the wing of PayPal in 2014, stricter controls were introduced, while the platform was able to access the massive PayPal infrastructure for added safety and security.

These days it’s becoming increasingly common to be able to find an online casino with Venmo payments enabled. There’s plenty of choices available, as you can see from checking out the operators on this page. But don’t forget that you have other options too, although it may be some time before you’ll be able to play at an Apple Pay online casino from within the US.

Top casino providers

How does gambling using Venmo compare with other payment methods?

Of course, gambling using Venmo isn’t your only option when you sign up to an online casino. In addition to providing you with a comprehensive list of the top U.S. online casinos that accept Venmo, we also give you in-depth guides and reviews of all the most popular payment and withdrawal options. So whether you’re searching for a MasterCard online casino, a cryptocurrency gambling site or online casinos that accept debit card transactions, we can tell you everything you need to know, as well as directing you to the top casino operators.

Venmo certainly isn’t an option suitable for everyone. It’s a payment system firmly aimed at the younger generation – that doesn’t mean older players can’t use it too, but just be aware that you’ll need to be fairly up to speed with social media to really make the most of it. But if gambling using Venmo is something that appeals to you, here’s what you need to know before you make up your mind.

Venmo is incredibly convenient

Top up your casino account using Venmo and the transaction is almost instant – at least if you’re playing at a registered US-based casino. But not all U.S. online casinos that accept Venmo transactions are able to do it in a straightforward manner, so you may need to use Player Transfers or Gambling Vouchers to finalise payments, as we’ve explained earlier.

Over 40 million Venmo account holders prove that this is a popular platform, especially amongst the younger generation, who are used to doing just about everything on their cellphones. And gambling using Venmo is fast and easy, so you won’t have to wade through pages of complex instructions either.

Venmo is trusted

An online casino with Venmo won’t decline your payments, as the platform isn’t subject to the usual UIGEA regulations. Venmo uses a system of private transfers, so the usual financial rules simply don’t apply.

Venmo facilitates fast transactions

Depositing money at an online casino with Venmo payments is quick and easy – with the money reaching your casino account almost instantly. Using Player Transfers and vouchers can take a little longer, but once they’ve been agreed, the money is in your account within seconds.

Venmo is cheap

Sign up to an online casino with Venmo payments and you won’t be hit with loads of extra expenses. Casino operators won’t charge you to use this deposit and withdrawal method, making it highly cost effective.

Gambling using Venmo attracts bonus rewards

Check out every online casino with Venmo payments on our list to find the one that suits your playing style. And be sure to check for Venmo specific bonuses. Some operators like to encourage this particular payment method with the help of generous deposit match bonuses and free spins.

Alternative payment methods

Three essential facts about using Venmo

Now we’ve introduced you to the many U.S. online casinos that accept Venmo deposits, it’s time to make up your mind whether this could be your perfect deposit and withdrawal method. But to recap, here are the top three things you need to keep in mind when considering gambling using Venmo.

Venmo is accessible and cost-effective

All that’s needed is a cell phone and an app download to get started with using Venmo. As a peer-to-peer platform it’s been designed to be intuitive and user friendly, with loads of cool features – and it doesn’t come with a crippling fee structure either!

Player cooperation may be needed for some transactions

There are plenty of online casino Venmo fans waiting for someone to help them get their hands on their winnings, where direct deposits and withdrawals aren’t permitted. Player transfers provide an efficient loophole, but although there’s no cost involved, the longer waiting times have to be factored in.

It can be tricky to find a Venmo casino

It’s not always easy to find U.S. online casinos that accept Venmo deposits and withdrawals, even where Player Transfers and gambling vouchers are available. That can make life difficult unless you know where to look – and you’ve managed to find yourself in exactly the right place! We’ve got all the best online casinos with Venmo payments right here on this page – and if you still can’t find what you’re looking for we’ve got plenty of other payment options to put forward, so just keep browsing!

Conclusion: could a Venmo casino be your perfect online gambling partner?

Venmo has a lot going for it, fitting seamlessly into a world in which everything seems to come with a mobile-first ethos. And for social media-savvy types, it’s the perfect gambling option, with the opportunity to connect with other people in a fun way.

It’s certainly not for everyone though, so if funding your player account with your cell phone doesn’t hold much appeal, be sure to check out some of the other online casino payment methods available to players in the US.

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Venmo online casino FAQs

☝ Can I use Venmo at an online casino?

It’s not always easy, but it’s certainly possible to find some Venmo casinos online. You might have to purchase gambling vouchers or Player Transfers along the way though, thanks to the complicated US gambling laws. Find out how and where to use Venmo by reading our complete article – and we’ve listed all the top Venmo online casinos for you too!

❔ Is it safe to use Venmo for an online casino deposit?

Venmo doesn’t put account holders through quite such an intensive verification process as some other payment providers. That could mean it’s not as safe as other options, but once you discover who owns Venmo it all makes more sense. Find out the full details in our Venmo casino guide, as well as the top places to play!

🎲 Can I make Venmo withdrawals at an online casino?

If you successfully made a deposit at an online casino using Venmo then there’s a very good chance you’ll be able to withdraw by that method too. And you can even use Venmo in some situations, where it doesn’t seem to be an option! Curious? Find out more by reading our complete guide to using Venmo at an online casino.

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