Highest Payout Online Casinos in US 2022

Last year, the online gambling world produced incredible prizes, jackpots, and a considerable number of lucky winners. Many players increased their bankroll, playing at Betastic’s recommended online casinos with best payouts. There will be similar opportunities for players  in 2022.

The key to success in 2022 will be to join some of the internet’s best casino sites, where you’ll feel confident signing up, depositing, and playing games at any of our online casino sites with best payouts. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive guide to the highest payout casino providers in the USA.

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Compare the best online casinos in the US

Who should make use of the comparison? Why learning to gamble is a lifelong process

Comparisons for online casino best payouts, or any other aspect of online casinos, are designed for people who want to become better at gambling. That is regardless of whether you are a beginner or professional gambler. Something often taken for granted is that navigating games of chance and skill can be excruciatingly difficult, while becoming a master in the world of online gambling is near impossible.

So, this online casino best payouts comparison is designed for all the gambling aficionados out there who might be seeking a little push or nudge in the right direction. This online casino best payouts comparison has been designed to help you realize your full potential.

Operator checklist – 5 things we look for when rating online operators

If you don’t take the time to investigate your chosen casino in depth, there is a strong possibility that you will learn to regret it down the line. At Betastic, we feel we have a duty to do exactly that, by finding out as much as we can before encouraging you to commit to a legitimate gambling site.

Here are just five important things that we look for when rating operators for you.

Online Casino User Reviews

The reputation of an online casino can either be good or bad! If the reputation of an online casino really is bad, you are likely to find a lot of angry players venting about it online. It is not very difficult to do your due diligence on this front. At Betastic, we search for unbiased, detailed reviews from player-oriented portals. We find out as much as we can before we can feel comfortable vouching for US online casinos.

We invest a substantial amount of our time trying to dissect our casinos inside and out, extracting both the good and the bad as objectively as we can. We double-check, we scrutinize, we judge with righteous indignation, and we leave no stone unturned in this regard.

Terms of Service

We check the terms and conditions carefully, to establish if they are indeed fair, before we can vouch for the best us online casinos.  At Betastic, we inspect the terms and conditions carefully, making sure that we know exactly what we are dealing with, which in turn helps protect you from either losing your money to unscrupulous operators, or even getting yourself banned because you did not have sufficient clarity on the online casino you were dealing with.

Check The License

Every decent online casino operator should be registered with a relevant regulatory authority or licensee. While it is indeed true that online gambling is still in the grey zone when it comes to regulations, this does not mean that casinos are free to act as they please. There are many international and smaller scale egaming regulators these days, but not all of them are actually reputable. This is a particularly relevant detail when searching for an online casino with fast payouts.

Customer Procedure

Not many players know a considerable amount about identity verification, primarily because online casinos only ever really ask for a customer’s documents after they make a withdrawal request. For that reason knowing customer procedure becomes particularly relevant when wrapping your head around online casino payment methods.

Online Safety and Security

The safest online casinos are often weighed in history. We research the online casinos that have been around the longest, which is as strong a sign as any that the operator has not been blacklisted. There are also ways for us to establish if a casino has been blacklisted or not, and avoid them at all costs, for your benefit.

Editor’s recommendation – Which operator pays the best?

There are several key features on Borgata’s platform which make it among the most compelling options for punters searching the net for online casino sites with best payouts. The online casino sites with highest payouts would be of little value to any punter, if they did not feature a set of promotions, at the very least. Borgata already has some of those.

However, beyond just offering a set of promotions, Borgata also offers something called Borgata Bucks and an M Life Rewards scheme, which is essentially a loyalty scheme for punters.

Borgato is also licensed with DGE, which is the Division of Gaming Enforcement in New Jersey – a reputable licensing authority. Borgato is also licensed by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, which is also a reputable authority. That is something that helps eliminate the trust deficit when it comes to online casinos dealing with your money.

Finding the right operator for you – Explore the best places to gamble in 2022

Best US Online Casino Sites in 2022

When you explore our guide to this on Betastic, you will come away with some meaningful insights on the casinos that offer the most comprehensive selections on games, along with the most compelling bonus options and promotions.

New Online Casino Sites in 2022

When you explore our guide to this on Betastic, you will come away with greater insights on what the latest developments are in the industry, which places you in the position to make more informed casino choices. Not all of them will offer the online casino best payouts, or online casino highest payouts. However, you will never know if they do, if you do not explore our lists of new online casino sites.

Best New Jersey Online Casinos in 2022

When you explore this guide, you learn more on the best online casinos operating out of the state of New Jersey. What signup bonuses are available with them, and how well they pay out compared to online casinos operating in other states. For more information on this, you can also explore our best Pennsylvania Online Casinos, with the view to shedding light on similar gambling subjects and insights there. We also have a similar list for the state of Colorado.

Best Online Casino Free Spins

Free spins are a particularly relevant topic for gamblers seeking clarity over online casino best payouts, and online casino highest payouts. Most online casinos will market any of their promotions that might fall within this particular bracket, but our experts will help you separate the wheat from the chaff, by only shedding light on the best free spins promotions.

Best Online Casino No Deposits in 2022

When trying to take advantage of bonuses and promotions, the one major caveat is that you need to make a sizable deposit, which the casino of your choice will then match. However, at Betastic, there are actually comprehensive guides on what operators don’t actually require you to make a deposit before sampling some of the promotional offers.

5 Ultimate tips for using the best operators – Learn how to protect yourself when gambling

Do Your Due Diligence

Before settling on an operator, the onus is really on you to double check, scrutinize, and judge with righteous indignation when using an operator which claims to offer online casino best payouts, or online casino highest payouts. Only ever sign up to an operator like this, once you are satisfied that you have left no stone unturned.

Advantage Play and Bonus Abuse

Many advantage play and bonus hunting strategies are actually considered irregular play, and banned by most online casinos. All of these are not illegal in the strict sense of the term.

However, there are some convenient loopholes which present themselves within the nature of the game. Players can get an advantage over casinos, and then gladly use it. As tempting as all of this is, casinos do not like to lose and they hold all of the cards when determining if you have tried to exploit some of those loopholes. So, make sure you are clear on what you can and cannot do, and make sure that you do not get yourself banned for something frivolous.

The Reserve Pending Period

The reverse pending period is a trap, designed to trip up inexperienced players, especially at online casinos with best payouts, or online casinos with highest payouts. The pending period is basically the time that it takes for you to complete a withdrawal request. What many operators will then do is offer a reverse withdrawal option, during this pending period. The whole idea behind that is to convince you to continue playing, and then lose your money altogether. Even the most experienced gamblers will succumb to this tactic at the best of times. Make sure that you don’t.  

Withdrawal Lock

Withdrawal lock or manual flushing is a device you can use to help counter the potential consequences of the reverse pending period. However, the caveat here is that these options are not readily available to gamblers, which is why you need to contact customer services to have that option activated, by flushing cash out manually. The more experienced gamblers will already know this, but casinos do prey on those still finding their feet in the industry. 

Multiple Account and IP Addresses

No casino will accept users that have multiple accounts. That is the number one rule in the industry. On that score, you need to be extra careful when sharing a household with other players, because you will be found to be using the same IP address. That is invariably going to be a red flag for an operator. Equally dodgy is the use of an IP address that is different from the one you used to open your account. 


When searching for and using online casinos with best payouts, or online casinos with highest payouts, much of the onus will be on you to ensure that you have a worthwhile experience, especially if you are new to this.

The thing about casinos with high payouts, great deposit bonuses, and compelling promotions is that they do not actually want to part ways with all of that money. They will always search for a way to trip you up, especially if you are winning. Make sure you can trust your operator, and that you fully understand the customer procedure.

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Highest Payout Online Casinos FAQs

🤔 Do payout speeds vary from casino to casino?

The casinos we look out for have multiple payout methods, which include Paypal, Skrill, Visa, Mastercard, and electronic transfer. Our experts are well placed to provide you with more insights on which payout methods facilitate the fastest deposits and withdrawals. Some payment methods could take a matter of hours, while others could take days and even weeks, depending on which of our operators you settle with.

💯 What is a payout percentage?

All of our sportsbooks and bookmakers have something called a sports betting hold, which is a commission that the house takes on every bet that you place. You can use our sites to calculate the sports betting hold, which varies from bookmaker to bookmaker.

💰 Do online casinos really payout?

Our experts can guide you on which online casinos you can trust to pay you out, and which online casinos you should rather stay away from. On our sites, you can learn more on how to research online casinos that are registered with a reputable authority, and what jurisdiction those bodies have. Online casinos that are not licensed by a reputable authority are less likely to payout, which is why you should learn more from our experts on how to spot those red flags.

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