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Online Gambling Sites Canada / Best Bookmaker Offers Canada 2024

Best Bookmaker Offers Canada 2024

Take an Action Now! Claim the Latest Bookmaker Bonus Offers for New Customers in Canada (Updated May 2024)

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Finding a great offer is incredibly important for any bettor, and there’s plenty of options out there to choose from. Almost every online bookmaker offers a welcome bonus, whether it’s a free bet or matched deposit bonus from Bet365.

It’s not just the size of the bonuses that one needs to compare. You also need to closely examine the terms and conditions that apply to the best bookmaker sign up bonus. Our experts have done the heavy lifting to make your search for the perfect welcome bonus in Canada a lot easier!

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Our Top Best Bookmaker Offers for New Customers

Who Should Make Use of This Sportsbook Bonus Comparison?

At, our goal is very simple: we want to help bettors find the best sportsbook and casino bonuses – and we don’t limit the people we are hoping to reach with our advice and guidance. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned pro or a rookie contemplating your first sports bet; we believe that our comparisons will help you find the best casino and bookmaker offers every single time.

In particular, we want to ensure that users can access the kinds of offers that are actually useful to them; a necessity that applies across the whole spectrum of potential bettors. The unfortunate truth is that not all welcome bonuses are created equally. Some offer tremendous value and are almost no-brainers, while others are rather small, or potentially even more trouble than they are worth. However, ascertaining which of these categories a particularly bonus falls into is a time-demanding task, which is why our goal is to do the work for all bettors and ensure they can access deals that are actually worth their time.

Furthermore, we also assess the suitability of bonuses for different bettors, which should help everyone decide whether a particular promo is suited to their individual requirements. After all, there are bonuses geared toward high rollers and bonuses aimed at recreational bettors; few bonuses are “one size fits all”. When you know what type of bettor you are, you’ll find that our reviews can highlight not only which bonuses are good, but who might be most suitable for a particular offer.

We’re therefore confident that whatever your experience level or requirements, our comparisons are able to guide you towards your ideal bookmaker signup bonus, casino offer, or sports reload bonus, every time.

Top 5 Tips for Getting the Best Bonus Offer in Canada

Sports bettors want to be sure that the sites they bet at and the offers they opt-into are safe and legit, and the same is true of those looking to use the best casino bonus in Canada – it’s a uniting factor across all bettors. In particular, newcomers to betting find themselves concerned about the legitimacy of the offers presented to them. Thankfully, you can rest assured: at Betastic, every sportsbook we endorse has been thoroughly vetted by our experts. Our research is thorough, focusing on factors that are critical in regards to safety, such as ensuring that any bookmaker we feature is fully licensed, regulated, secure, and reputable.

When you are confident that a sportsbook promo or one of the best casino bonuses is offered by a safe and secure thanks to our due diligence, you can then start tot think about how you can access the very best bookmaker offers that are currently available. While there are a range of factors involved, here is a list of the five most important things that we look for when assessing the best bookmaker offers and the best online casino bonus options.

Find the bonus most suited to your preferences

Welcome bonuses come in many shapes and sizes; the two most common types are free bets and betting fund bonuses, but there are a plethora of other options that can be considered amongst the best sportsbook and best casino bonus choices – but it’s important to note that not all bonuses are necessarily suitable for every person. Whenever you encounter a bonus, either on a website or via one of our reviews, it’s always worth pausing and asking if that bonus is really suitable for your usual betting and gaming activity. If it is, then great: you can give it a try (after checking through all the essential information, of course). If not, then you might want to move on and find a bonus that more suits your requirements – which is easy enough done, given we have highlighted countless bonus options right here on this very site!

Always be mindful of rollover requirements

When a bookmaker gives you bonus funds, the chances are that you will not be able to simply cash it out and transfer the funds to your bank account. Instead, bonus money and money won through bonus bet welcome offers is subject to rollover requirements. That is to say you need to place a certain amount worth of bets before you can release the funds and actually withdraw to your bank account. As rolling over bonus funds can be a tricky process at times (especially if there is a time limit), it’s essential to know exactly what the rollover requirements are for a specific bonus before you try to use it. Naturally, we will always highlight the intricacies of the T&Cs of any bonus we discuss here on, but it’s still a good idea to check through the T&Cs on the operators site just to make sure you’ve got the latest information available.

Check you can use the bonus even with restrictions

Quite often, bookmakers place limits on the types of bets you make using your welcome bonus. The best bookmaker for American Football Canada might limit you to wagering your bonus cash on NFL spreads or totals., for example, and there can often be restrictions on the odds you can bet on and similar requirements. While most restrictions are more than manageable, it’s nevertheless worth making sure you’re entirely happy with the restrictions involved in any offer you are considering: as with the rollover requirements, simply knowing exactly what is expected of you to use the offer is hugely advantageous, and can help to ensure that a bonus really is suitable for you.

Be cautious of time limits

With most welcome bonus offers, you must meet the wagering conditions within a certain time frame. It might be a week, a month, or longer. You want to have as much time as possible to meet the wagering requirements, which may be easier said than done: if you’ve got a high figure to rollover, you might have to place a huge number of bets or – in instances where you are using a casino-related bonus you’ve accessed either with or without a casino bonus code – place many wagers on slots or table games before you can withdraw.  It’s therefore advisable to plan your use of bonus offers for when you know you will have time to go through a long wagering process, so you can be sure you can use your bonus to the fullest effect.

Always ask questions if concerned or confused

At, our goal is to make sure you are as confident as you can be about using a bonus when betting. We will walk you through the various necessities of each offer in our reviews, and always seek to highlight the terms you need to be aware of and the conditions you need to meet. Nevertheless, bonuses are complicated, and especially for those using a bonus for the first time. We’d therefore recommend that if you are concerned or confused about a particular aspect of a bonus, you contact the operator in question so that you can then move forward with using the bonus with the utmost confidence.

Editor’s Recommendation: The Best Bonus Offers in Canada

After taking an in-depth look at all of the best sportsbook bonus offer deals, we The Editor’s Recommendation for the best sports betting sites comes with several advantages. Curious to find out more? Then look no further than 888sport, who provide a truly fantastic bonus offer for new customers. This bonus is suitable for beginners and experienced bettors alike. It’s the type of betting bonus that will get your sports betting adventure started on the right foot.

This is How Our Experts Test Sportsbooks and Their Bonuses

Testing operators and the best bookmaker offers is not an easy task. The process requires a great deal of time and effort, as well as a full commitment to going above and beyond in order to ensure a thorough process that ensures an even, reliable process. Due to our focus in this area, we’re sure that the end product of our analyses is an overview that is accurate, detailed, and completely unbiased; essentially, an overview that bettors such as yourselves can absolutely trust. that you can trust. This methodical approach begins with our experts signing up at the sportsbook or casino in question, just as a normal punter would, and going through the entire process step-by-step. As we do so, our experts ask themselves a number of questions in order to meet the need for an outstanding, trustworthy overview every single time, and here’s a look at what these questions are.

What is the reality of this bonus?

We won’t be blinded by fancy welcome bonuses that do everything bar sing and dance; even though it might be one of the best bookmaker offers we’ve seen, we’re always cautious to really dig deep into the facts. It’s at this point we tend to bring out a magnifying glass and dive deep into the T&Cs, so we know exactly what a bettor can expect if they decide to give the offer a try. This kind of focused attention on what the bonus is like in practice is critical to determining how well a bonus is actually capable of performing when used by a bettor.

Do we need to Make a Deposit to Claim the Bonus?

Many of the best bookmaker offers require claimants to make a deposit in order to receive the bonus – most of the time. Surprisingly, there are still a few sportsbooks that offer no-deposit bonuses, but these are unfortunately few and far between, so the answer to the deposit question is usually affirmative. It’s still a good question to ask, though, as it then spurs follow-on questions that cover information our readers definitely need to know – such as how much needs to be deposited, which payment methods qualify for the deposit, and so on and so forth.

What is the Bonus’s Maximum Value in Relation to the Qualifying Deposit?

What is the bonus’s maximum value if we deposit $50? $100? $500? $1,000 or more. If we plan on depositing $100, we would be better off claiming a 50% match bonus up to $50 than a 25% match bonus up to $100, for example; if we want to deposit $1,000, you’re probably better off claiming a 25% match bonus up to $250 than a 100% match bonus up to $100. We always take the time to run a quick calculation to ensure we’re getting the most bang for our buck, and we’d suggest that anyone looking to use a bonus do the same: make the terms and conditions suit your requirements rather than just going with a suggested option.

Is it Easy to Claim?

Some online bookmakers credit your account with bonus cash as soon as we make a deposit. That’s straightforward (and undeniably welcome, especially as no one likes a long wait when redeeming a betting bonus or casino offer). However, some release the bonus money in small increments as you reach certain points – such as when a certain number of bets have been placed. Understanding such intricacies is vital for testing a bonus out and allowing us to make a recommendation regarding how well the bonus performs in the “real world“; a crucial inclusion if we want to include a distinction in our coverage that separates what looks good on paper and what actually works well in practice.

Is the Initial Deposit Subject to Rollover Conditions?

It’s not just the rollover requirements of bonus funds that we have to be aware of when testing a bonus out; we also have to think about the initial deposit. Many operators require that any funds deposited into an account with an operator are wagered at least once (and sometimes more, depending on the operator). This rule means that we can’t make a deposit in order to obtain a bonus and then immediately withdraw the funds used to qualify for that bonus; we have to rollover the deposit itself and then the bonus. While such a practice may sound somewhat draconian, there’s actually a good reason behind it: helping prevent fraud and money laundering. As a result, most operators will require that a deposit is always wagered, but it’s still important to check if this is the case and, if so, how many times that deposit has to be wagered before a withdrawal can be made.

Do the Wagering Requirements Involve Minimum Odds?

Typically, sportsbook welcome bonus rollover conditions require users to bet on events with minimal odds. Obviously, this influences the degree of difficulty for meeting wagering conditions, and will likely shape the way that a bonus can be used from start to finish. If we’re testing out a sports bonus offer, then minimum odds is always something we look for. The reason for this dedication is simple: not noting and abiding by this can mean the bonus is forfeit – a scenario we obviously want our readers to avoid, so we’re extra cautious with how we discuss the odds relating to each offer.

How Long Do I Have To Meet the Wagering Conditions?

As we’ve touched on thus far, the majority of the best bookmaker offers are time-sensitive, which can place onerous requirements on the user in order to release funds. Having to satisfy a, for example, 50X rollover requirement within a week is a tall order, and it’s far from uncommon, especially with casino bonuses. We therefore always go out of our way to ensure that we consider the wagering conditions and how feasible they are to meet when discussing a promotional offer. However, it’s important to note that that’s not to say wagering requirements are off-putting; they’re very common, after all, so they are largely to be lived with – it’s just an element that has to be considered, and that users have to be aware of, when seeking to use a bonus.

Finding the Right Bookmaker Offer for You

Asking which online sportsbook is best is a subjective question. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. The question sports bettors should really ask is: “What’s the best online sportsbook for me?” To answer that question, you must first ask yourself a few things. What sports or events do you like to bet on? What types of bets do you like to place? What kind of a bankroll are you comfortable with? How much are you realistically going to wager? How important are bonuses and promotions to you? Do you want the best odds, the most features, and other benefits like loyalty rewards?

Once you have honestly defined what type of bettor you are, you can then proceed to find your ideal sportsbook and the best bookmaker offers for you. One of the biggest advantages you have as a sports bettor is the ability to choose from a massive pool of online bookmakers. Fortunately, our bookmaker comparisons make your search for the best bookmaker offers faster, easier, and accurate. Our online betting guide can make your sports betting experience more enjoyable too, so it’s well worth reading through if you’re looking for expert advice across a range of betting-related subjects.

Bookmakers Offers for New Customers in Canada

A welcome bonus is one of, if not the most effective ways of attracting new customers; the online betting marketplace is competitive, and thus operators need to try and stand out from their competitors by providing a great range of offers. Still, even with eye-catching bonuses around, it’s always crucial to remember that these offers are just one of many factors that you must consider when choosing an online bookmaker. Furthermore, there are several things to take into account when selecting the best betting bonus for you. As we just mentioned, start by defining what type of sports bettor you are. You can then find an appropriate bookmaker and bonus accordingly, a natural pathway that should greatly enhance your betting experience.

Remember to follow the top five tips for getting the best bookmaker offers. Get the type of bonus you want. If bonus money floats your boat, find a match bonus offer that you can take full advantage of. If it’s bonus bets you’re after, then read through our reviews until you find one. It really is that simple. Consider the rollover conditions that you’ll be subject to. Lower is better. Check the terms and conditions to find out if there are any limits in terms of the sports you want to bet on. If your affinity for wagering on tennis brought you to the best bookmaker for tennis Canada, be sure tennis bets count towards your wagering conditions; if your interest in cricket brought you to the best betting sites for cricket Canada, then you’ll naturally want cricket bets to qualify as wagering – and so on and so forth, whatever your preference. The size of a bonus relative to your deposit is extremely important, so it’s always important to take the time to consider this even in the midst of the excitement of finding a great deal.

Remembering the key steps our experts take in analysing a bonus will also be immensely helpful in your pursuit of the most suitable bookmaker offers for new customers. First, look beyond the bonus and ask yourself if the bookmaker suits your needs. Find out how much you need to deposit and what percentage of that deposit is matched by the bookmaker. It might not be overly stimulating, but you should definitely read and understand a bonus’s terms and condition. It is there where you’ll find small, yet important details and restrictions such as what types of wagers and minimum odds contribute to the wagering conditions. You’ll also learn how much time you have to convert the bonus into real withdrawable money. We can’t stress how helpful our comparisons are in helping you achieve all of these goals; they can save you a lot of time and effort while ensuring that your process is as smooth as it can possibly be.

Conclusion – Time to find the best bonus offer in Canada

There are countless sportsbook welcome bonuses out there waiting to be claimed, and you’ll conveniently find the very best sportsbook bonus offer right here. Our experts diligently scour the internet and meticulously examine bookmakers and their offers so you don’t have to. By referring to this site, you should be able to find a bookmaker that satisfies all of your betting needs and a welcome bonus that is tailored to your unique betting style. Yes, it’s all about you! If you aren’t 100% happy with your current sportsbook or casino operators, or you’re just looking for a change and would like to use a bonus while doing so, then we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Ultimately, our goal is very straightforward: by helping you to understand what you want and using our comparisons to assist you, you’ll quickly find your ideal sportsbook and the best bookmaker offers.

Best Bookmaker Offers FAQ

🔍Where can I find the best bookmaker offers?

Finding the best bookmaker offers can often be challenging, as while the offers themselves are easy to find, determining if each offer is worth doing – and how it can be used to the greatest advantage – can be difficult. As a result, we’d strongly recommend outsourcing the process of finding the best offers to the experts. At, our highly-experienced team have provided an in-depth review of all bonus offers currently out there, so you can determine which is the best choice for your preferences.

💰 Do I have to make a deposit to access the best bookmaker offers?

Some bookmakers offer deals whereby people do not need to make a deposit in order to access the promo in question, but these are few and far between. Often, deposits have to be made and – sometimes – qualifying bets placed in order for a bonus to work as it should. Nevertheless, bonuses are still a great choice that can really boost the betting experience for both betting beginners as well as those with more experience.

❓ Do the best bookmaker offers have wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements – which are also known as rollover requirements – are a standard part of the betting industry, but their use is by no means uniform. The exact wagering requirements vary between different offers and, indeed, different betting sites in Canada, so it is always advisable to check the specifics for any particular offer you attempt.

🛑Are the best bookmaker offers always reserved for new customers?

Bookmakers and casinos often provide their most impressive offers to new customers, which is understandable – the hope is that users will try the bonus and then become a long-term customer. However, that is not to say that existing customers of a particular operator have to go without any bonuses at all. To find out more about the latest new customer offers, as well as a look at initiatives suitable for existing customers such as VIP clubs, visit

💥 Who is the biggest bookmaker?

At, we pride ourselves on our ability to assess all bookmakers by the same core criteria. Doing so helps to ensure that our reviews are always consistent, so that our readers are able to access a genuinely helpful comparison for every operator review. Regardless of whether they can be considered “big” or “small”, all bookmakers go through the same in-depth tests, which you can read more about with our guide to the best online betting sites in Canada, as well as our overview of the best bookmaker offers too.

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