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Let Us Tell You The Odds! Reviewed Canada Online Bookmakers for 2024

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We’re here to provide a helping hand to steer you in the right direction and ensure you can find the best bookmaker in Canada. We’re big fans of 888sport and their 100% bonus, but we’ve got plenty more on offer, too!

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Our top online sports betting sites in Canada

Our clear, concise, and – most importantly of all – objective reviews allow you to cut to the chase and get the most from our expertly-written reviews. With our assistance, you’ll be able to find the best online betting sites Canada can currently offer – so let’s dive right in.

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Who should make use of this best bookmakers in Canada comparison?

If you have any interest in betting on sport, you’ll definitely need to take a look at our bookmaker comparison. We have gone above and beyond to ensure that our comparison provides an easy, straightforward way for bettors to find everything they need; from the best bookmaker for ice hockey Canada has to offer to the top betting sites for American football Canada can provide. Our goal is to ensure you can find the ideal operator for your specific preferences, so that you always know where to turn when you want to place a bet.

Each of the Canada sportsbooks we have featured in our comparison has been able to prove that they can serve up seriously competitive odds for all major sports, offer excellent customer service, and have passed a plethora of other tests that we consider essential. So by quickly checking our bookmaker comparison, you’ll be able to take your pick of the best online betting sites Canada has to offer quickly and effectively, every single time. You can be sure that if we’ve chosen to speak highly of an operator, then that operator has met our impeccable standards across a wide range of factors; a process that both new and experienced bettors should be able to benefit from.

Top 5 steps for a secure & fair gambling experience at a Canadian online betting platform

While there is no shortage of Canadian online betting sites, it’s worth noting that not all of them will be reputable bookmakers. Of course, the vast majority are, but it’s still important to be particularly cautious before signing up for an account and enjoying sports betting in Canada. So this is why we are on hand to show you those Canada sportsbooks online sites who have all of the necessary licensing and regulation to permit legal, safe and fair sports betting. Here are the five key questions we ask when we evaluate all Canadian online betting providers.

Is it legal to bet at the bookmaker in Canada?

Current legislation means that there is often a lot of confusion about whether it’s legal to bet at Canadian online betting providers. The key thing to remember is that each site must have a license and that it’s perfectly legal to put down your bets at sportsbooks for Canadian players if they are based overseas.

We therefore fix this at the forefront of our considerations when reviewing operators, checking all of their relevant documentation carefully.

Does the bookmaker website have full licensing?

In order to be among the best legal online betting providers Canada has to offer, the bookmaker will have to have full licensing from a reputable online gambling authority.

As a result, we always keep an eye out for a license from the likes of the Malta Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission or even the Kahnawake Gaming Authority, it should mean that it’s perfectly safe and fair to use these sportsbooks for Canadian players, and thus we can feel confident recommending that operator to our readers.

Is the bookmaker for Canadian players encrypted?

When you sign up to a gambling website to bet on sports, whether you’re looking to place a sports bet or make use of the top casino bonuses, you will be giving the operator access to plenty of your sensitive personal information, such as your address and financial details. Given that this information is very sensitive, all bettors will naturally want to ensure that their information will be secure.

One of the best ways of achieving the security goal is to only use sportsbooks’ online sites have full SSL encryption. This will usually be noted in the Canadian online betting providers’ privacy policies and it means that your personal data will stay in safe hands, which provides a little more reassurance. At, we understand that bettors seek encryption and the reassurance that follows it, so we always check this element of an operator out when conducting our reviews.

Does the bookmaker in Canada have safe payment methods?

Just about every bookmaker for Canadian players will let you bet on sport with real money. As a result, you’ll want to choose those Canadian online betting providers that accept the most reputable online betting payment methods for making deposits and withdrawals.

We always carefully examine the payment options at any bookmaker, so that we can show you the best online sports betting providers Canada has to offer who accept payments with a broad range of trustworthy payment brands.

As well as checking the functionality and variety of payment options at online sportsbooks, we also look out for additional fees – such as withdrawal fees – so that we can highlight these in our reviews, as we understand such fees are an issue our readers will want to know about.

Are the Canada sportsbooks’ bonuses trustworthy?

Bonuses are incredibly common amongst betting sites in Canada, offering the ability to really boost your overall betting experience when used correctly at online sportsbooks. When you go to the toponline sports betting sites Canada has at the moment, you’ll see that most of these sites will have some bonuses in order to try and draw the attention of the crowd – but not all bonuses are quite as good as they might initially appear.

By carefully reading through all of the bonus terms and conditions, our expert reviewers are perfectly placed to assess whether these Canada sportsbooks online bonuses are actually worth trying. We’ll even go a step further and provide full details of how you can effectively use a bonus, as well as drawing attention to all the conditions you need to keep in mind as you do so.

Editor’s recommendation – the top online sports betting sites Canada

Although there’s a very healthy number of Canadian betting sites.  Whether you are looking for the best betting sites for beginners or the best sportsbook Canada has to offer, there are a few that tend to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. We’ve picked a number of online sportsbooks to fully focus on as the best in the business, all of whom perform well across all areas that we assess.

It’s important to note that our chosen bookmakers also came out top of the best betting providers in Canada has at the moment for its coverage of a wide range of sports. Not only did it prove to be the best bookmaker for tennis Canada had to offer, but it also turned out to be the best sportsbook Canada has for betting on anything from soccer to horse racing odds. What’s more, all of our favourite bookmakers are always in the running to be considered as a betting site with high odds, outstanding customer service, and a variety of other factors that push these sites to the top of the list of the best betting sites. So if you are looking for the best bookmaker Canada has right now, then you need to look no further than our top selection.

This is how our experts test operators

We wanted to be as fair and objective as possible in our hunt for the best betting providers Canada has to offer, focusing on providing comprehensive reviews that are genuinely beneficial to the user. We knew that the best way to achieve these lofty goals was to be rigorous, which led to us establishing an unbiased and thorough process for analyzing all of the different betting sites that you can find online. Such a consistent approach, which is utilized across all bookmakers, allows us to really judge bookmakers both on their individual merits, such as customer service, and when compared to their competitors, which results in a complete overview that leaves no stone unturned. There’s a quick overview of the test categories that we put all of the Canadian online provider sites through.

Bonuses at the top betting providers Canada – Is there a first deposit bonus?

Looking for a good sign up bonus? When rating betting sites, a great sign-up offer is something that we consider to be very important. There’s a huge amount of competition in the marketplace, and a good sign-up makes it clear that an operator knows they need to stand out, draw attention, and offer a sign up bonus that will genuinely be of interest to potential customers to place sports bets. That’s not to say we will dismiss operators who don’t have a sign up offer, of course – if their overall service is good, then we’ll still rate them positively – but, generally speaking, we’d prefer to see a good site that also has bonuses, including first deposit offers if applicable, rather than one without.

Site design

All of the best betting providers Canada has at the moment have websites that are quick to load, easy to navigate and great fun to use and place sports bets. We know that our readers don’t want to be frustrated trying to manage their accounts or browse through sportsbook markets, and design is crucial to facilitating a pleasant user experience. We also look at aesthetics, too; while not the be-all and end-all, there’s no denying that a site that looks good is a bonus.

Customer service – An important factor in our sportsbook reviews

For the most part, users can anticipate a straightforward experience when using a bookie online in Canada – but from time to time, you may need to get in touch with the operator in order to have a query resolved. When you do so, you’ll naturally want a fast, effective response from the operator, so you can return to your usual betting preferences as soon as possible. We therefore believe that no operator can be considered amongst one of the best sportsbook Canada has to offer unless they have an outstanding customer support provision, such as a live chat, so we always look out for this when analysing every bookie.

Payment methods

The best betting sites will give you plenty of flexibility in terms of how you make deposits and withdrawals, as well as a range of different payment method options to choose from. There are few things more frustrating when betting online than a faulty payment system, or not being able to use your chosen payment method, so this is an area we pay very close attention to when running every site through our tests.

Licensing and security

It’s essential to check the licensing and encryption of all Canada sportsbooks online as this determines how safe you’ll be, which is important both in and of itself, but also from an enjoyment point of view. Ultimately, you’re going to want to feel confident when using a betting site, which is impossible if you are worried about your personal data. We go to great lengths to ascertain the measures that are in place in order to protect bettors when they are using a site we review, so you know where you can deposit and play without concern.

Bonus offers – Is there a good welcome bonus?

We love those betting sites that aim to boost their customer retention rates by putting on some kind of loyalty program, or offering regular reload bonus offers that are available to existing customers. While sign up bonus offers are important, we always look kindly on operators that continue to offer a little something extra to their users over the longer term too.

Sportsbook odds

You can’t be among the best sports betting sites Canada has to offer unless you can deliver seriously competitive odds on all of the major sports. Good odds are essential for those seeking value on their bets, so we always compare and contrast with other operators and exchanges to see just how good a bookmakers’ odds really are. The results are rated using the soccer predictions you’ll find in our Tips section and examples are often included in our reviews. You can be sure that any bookie that is offering genuinely impressive odds will find themselves on the receiving end of a very high rating from us.

Features beyond the sportsbook

Modern betting operators tend to need to be all-rounders, capable of providing a broad range of options in order to capture the interest of Canadian bettors. As a result, we always look beyond the sportsbook when evaluating an operator, instead focusing on the wider provision and how well it functions. This endeavour means that we always assess betting sites for casino features, such as fun slots and table games, poker, and even – if applicable – bingo and lotto provisions too. What’s more, it’s not just the basic provision that we focus on either; we’ll also investigate offers such as casino pokers or poker rakeback deals, so you can always be sure you’re finding quality options currently available online.

Finding the right operator for you

There’s such a wide variety of betting sites out there that it can be difficult to find the bookie that’s best suited for your own preferences in terms of sports bets. After all, there’s not much point in going to the best betting sites for cricket Canada has to offer if you’re really more interested in football betting sites. Finding an operator that covers what you require should always be your foremost concern, which means we also assess operators with a “bettor’s eye view”. Whether you’re looking for the latest odds for that next big NBA match, or just want to see which bookie has a bonus for the weekend’s soccer action in the English Premier League, we’ll help you find a great betting site.

Even if you’ve already got your preferred bookie, there’s no harm in checking out our shortlist of the top betting sites Canada has to offer. After all, new bookies are appearing on the scene each month, and we’re determined to help you find your favourite new sports betting site.

Most important sections of the site

We’ve worked hard to give you the top possible service to take your bets to the next level. Alongside showing you our picks for the best sports betting sites Canada has to offer, it’s important to let you know about all of the other aspects of our service here at Here’s just a handful of key features that you could enjoy on our site.

Casino comparison

Stuck for what to do while waiting for that next big hockey game to begin? Then be sure to check out our casino comparison. This will show you those online casino sites that feature such a broad range of slots and table games that anybody could find something to enjoy.

Bonus comparison

All sports betting fans will know that there’s nothing like a decent bonus to make a real success of your bets. We’ve developed an awesome bonus comparison that highlights the most generous special offers from the top bookies.

Operator/bonus reviews

This is where we take a detailed look at all of the Canadian betting sites. We’ll examine everything from these sites’ sports betting odds and bonuses to their licensing, payment methods and customer support. Don’t forget that we also review each bonus so that you get the most important facts about wagering conditions, time limits and so on.


Just as there are thousands of sportsbook markets to enjoy, there’s an equal number of great casino games out there. So we have set ourselves the task of ranking and rating all of the top slots and table games that you’re going to come across. All of which should help you find the perfect online casino game.


You’ll probably know that the top betting providers Canada has to offer will usually give you a broad range of payment options to fund your bets with. We’ll reveal which cards, ewallets, prepaid cards and bank transfer methods offer you the most efficient ways to make your deposits and withdrawals.


All sports fans will probably think that they can go it alone with their betting. But we think that there’s no harm in getting a little more methodical with your sports bets. So we’ll be on hand to reveal the top sports betting strategies. Definitely something you’ll need to beat the top betting providers Canada has at the moment.


Every sport will have its own quirks and idiosyncrasies that must be factored in before you lay your money down while betting in Canada. So we’ve prepared a handy guide that outlines the basics in betting on all major sports. Don’t forget that this guide is fully interactive and we’re looking for your help to make it even better.

Getting the best odds

Odds are everything when it comes to sports betting at online gambling sites Canada, with good odds ensuring a successful bet is capable of generating a decent profit. We at understand the need for good odds and how they can make such a difference to betting experiences, so we will always be on hand to show you those bookies who consistently edge ahead of the competition when it comes to oddsmaking.

So whether you’re looking for the best odds on the NHL, NBA, NFL, CFL or MLB, we’ll ensure that you find it easy to get the best value bets. We can also help you find those betting sites who consistently outclass the competition in major global sporting events like the soccer World Cup, the US Open tennis tournament, the PGA Championship and the Canadian Grand Prix. Don’t forget that we’ll help you find the top bookies with great odds on all top horse races like the Kentucky Derby, the Prince of Wales Stakes and the Grand National.

Enjoying the widest variety of betting markets

Most newcomers to sports betting will probably play it safe by putting down a simple moneyline bet on the team to win the game. Alternatively, many people also like to just try an outright bet on who will win a tournament like the Stanley Cup or the NBA Finals.

There’s nothing wrong with sticking with such basic bets for horse racing and other sports, but if you want to find more value with your bets, you might want to try some live betting or alternative sportsbook markets. This is something that the best bookies recognize as they commonly feature well over 100 distinct betting markets for the biggest sporting encounters. Such a broad range of betting markets give you way more flexibility to find value bets in things like which player will score the next hockey goal, or you could even take an over/under bet on the number of points that will be scored in a football match.

What’s best is the fact that these sportsbook markets encourage you to show off your expertise of a particular kind of sport. You might want to bet on which player will get the next red card in a soccer match, or you could even bet on the method of the first dismissal in a game of cricket. The standard “who wins” bet is still available, of course, but if you want to expand into more unusual markets, then you’ll need a bookies who can offer the markets you require.

It’s also worth exploring the possibilities presented by handicap betting. This gives you a great way to level the playing field in an unfairly balanced sporting encounter. Let’s say you were betting on San Francisco 49ers to beat New York Jets. Ordinarily, the 49ers would be clear favourites and so the returns you get on your bet might not amount to much. By putting down a handicap bet, it would put the 49ers at a points disadvantage. This would mean that the 49ers would have to win by a greater amount for you to win your bet, but the returns that you get would be far more worthwhile.

Experiencing the best live betting service at the best sports betting sites – Live streaming in Canada

Live betting is one of the most exciting things to hit the sports betting world in years. This gives you a great chance to put down your bets on a sporting encounter after the game has kicked off.

As such, you’ll get to time your bets in accordance with the ever-changing odds that themselves adjust to the on-pitch action. The best bookies will always try and give you a broad range of live betting options that allow you plenty of flexibility with your in-play bets.

What’s best is that some of the top betting sites will give you a large amount of live betting statistics that give you the perfect way to put down a more informed in-play bet. In addition to this, some betting sites will put on a graphic visualizer or even live betting and streaming for a wide variety of sports that can give you all of the information you need to truly understand the flow of the game.

We should also mention those bookies who give you a quality cash out service. This allows you to cash out your bets early before the sporting event has concluded. Such a method allows you to cling onto a winning bet before things go bad, or it could help you escape with some kind of stake before things get truly catastrophic.

Benefiting from flexible betting limits

It’s always a good idea to check out a bookie’s betting limits before you put down your sports bets. You’ll commonly find that nearly all sports betting sites will impose limits on the maximum amount of winnings that you can make. Such limits can vary according to the sport that you’re betting on, but there would be few things more frustrating than landing a truly enormous win, only to find that a bookmaker’s low betting limits had cancelled it out.

In addition to this, all bookies will have different minimum and maximum bet limits in their sportsbook. Once again, these will vary according to the sport and league that you’re betting on, along with what kind of bet type you’re trying to put down. Checking these kinds of bet limits is a good idea for newcomers to sports betting as some sites will let you put down a very modest stake so that you don’t have to lose too much money on that first cautious bet.

Don’t forget that all good sportsbook providers will allow you to set your own limits on things like your deposits, your bets and even the amount of time that you spend on their betting sites. While this might not sound like too much fun, it offers you a good way to ensure that you are keeping your sports betting under control. This is important as we all know that the ideal way to enjoy betting on sport is by only gambling in a responsible and controlled manner.

Conclusion – The top betting sites in Canada

We hope that we’ve given you an easy way to find the top betting sites Canada has to offer. This means that you should never have to search too far to find anything from the top hockey odds to a decent bonus for basketball betting at a sportsbook.

All of these betting sites have been thoroughly checked as part of our highly-focused process to ensure that they feature full licensing and take your online security seriously. Plus each of these sites should give you a simple way to make deposits and withdrawals, and you’ll always be able to get help from these brands’ quality customer support teams to help you place bets online.

So while there’s plenty of decent bookies out there, it’s only by signing up with one of our sportsbook picks for the top sports betting sites currently available, so that you can be sure of getting value for your next sports bet. We undertake every review with a full commitment to ensuring we only provide recommendations for the best Canadian sports betting sites that can provide genuinely good experiences to users. We therefore hope that our reviews will help you to access a provider that works for you, so you can optimize your betting experience both now and in the future.

Best Online Betting Sites Canada FAQ

❓ Is betting legal in Canada?

Looking for advice on betting in Canada? Canada has fairly complex laws regarding betting options. This means that you will have to think carefully about which sites you choose to place bets online. Different sites will have different licensing depending on where they are based, and this can affect whether you can legally use their services as a Canadian resident. But if you go to the top online betting providers Canada has to offer, you’ll be guaranteed a legal, safe and fair way to bet online – with plenty of betting options.

✅ What are the top Canada betting sites?

Looking for the top betting sites in Canada? There are plenty of opinions about who has the top Canadian betting site. Some online bookmakers will give you great NHL odds, while other betting sites prefer to give you better value bets for the NBA. But if you check our shortlist of the top online betting providers Canada has to offer, you’ll find a great all-in-one sportsbook. All of these sites have been vetted to make sure that they are safe and legal to bet with – and of course, with excellent betting odds.

✨ Who has the best Canada betting exchange?

Looking for Canadian betting sites? There are plenty of decent contenders fighting it out to be the top betting exchange in Canada. All of these sites will give you a fun and safe way to try backing and laying bets on your favourite sport. Plus many of these betting exchanges have even made our shortlist of the top online betting providers Canada has at the moment. Take a look at our leaderboard to see who the top betting exchange in Canada currently is.

☝ Where can I find Canada betting tips?

There are many betting tips websites currently online. These sites should all be able to give you reasonably solid betting tips on anything from hockey and basketball to football and horse racing. However, it’s worth noting that many of these betting tips might be anything but failsafe. This is why we’ll provide you with tips based on solid statistical fact so that you can bet at the top online betting providers Canada has to offer with plenty of confidence.

❓Who has the top Canada betting apps?

Looking for quality mobile betting? The majority of the top online betting providers Canada has to offer will have their own mobile betting apps. These will give you a convenient way to enjoy sports betting from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet, and can also help you to keep tabs on your account by providing push notifications and alerts from the online sportsbook. Most online bookmakers will create apps for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, which are well worth using in order to gain the flexibility of being able to use your preferred sports betting site even when you are away from your desktop. Even if these mobile betting brands don’t have an app, you should still be able to access their websites from the browser of your mobile device. 

✨What sports bonuses are available at the top Canada betting sites?

Looking for a bonus on your initial deposit? There are a range of different bonuses that can be offered by Canada betting sites to new customers, ranging from welcome bonus bet offers at the online sportsbook, deposit bonus offers to daily price boosts to bonuses that provide extra funds following a deposit. The exact offers available from an operator are often subject to change, so it’s always worth checking the site itself before signing up, but you can get a helpful overview of the top welcome bonus deals around on the dedicated Betastic Canada betting bonuses section.

🔥 What casino bonuses and promotions are available at the top Canada betting sites?

Casino bonuses are a standard part of the online gambling world, with many operators seeking to capture the attention of users by offering ways to enhance their overall betting and gaming usage. Making the most of these bonuses is therefore hugely important for Canadian bettors, but there’s a huge number to choose from, many of which have complex requirements that can be difficult to understand at first glance. At, we walk you through all of the casino bonuses that are currently available for users based in Canada, so you can make the most of the options available. From welcome bonus spins to matched deposits, Betastic can help guide you through the options, highlight the relevant terms and conditions, and generally boost your overall experience with our sportsbook reviews.

❓ What are wagering requirements for bonuses and promotions at the top Canada betting sites?

Wagering requirements are found at both casino and online sportsbook sites. Essentially, a bonus amount (or winnings from a bonus bet) have to be bet a number of times before the bonus funds can be withdrawn. The specific amount of times an amount has to be wagered varies; some operators will only require 1x wagering, others can be as high as 45x. In a similar vein, many operators also require that deposits are also wagered at least once before you can withdraw. To find out the wagering requirements for a specific site or offer, always check the terms and conditions beforehand.

🔒 How can I be sure the top Canada betting sites are secure?

Security is naturally a major concern for those looking to bet online in Canada at an online sportsbook, as you will naturally want to be certain that sensitive data is in the best possible hands. We have therefore ensured that a focus on security is especially prevalent throughout our bookie and casino reviews for Canada; we will always keep you fully informed on the security provision of every bookie we review, so that you can be sure you are betting with a reputable operator every single time.

Our Top 5 Betting Sites

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